I’ll Get You My Pretties!

ExposeTheTard writes:

I got an email the other day that was sent to myself and a few others complete with the picture below:

Subject: not even close to breaking me assholes

I feel neglected.  The only nasty-gram I’ve gotten from him was the $4000 PayPal invoice.   The rest of the entry is a copy of the email from Mr. Pacione.

You call yourselves “journalists” — come on, all you fucks are and consider yourselves to be faceless bloggers who are scared of the reality my name as an author . . .

I’ve never called myself a journalist; the term “investigative urinalist” is in my tagline.  One could call what I do on The Rusty Nail muckraking, but even that’s a stretch.

Noun 1. muckraking – the exposure of scandal (especially about public figures)

exposure – the disclosure of something secret; “they feared exposure of their campaign plans”

I don’t expose scandal, and Pacione is not a public figure.  I report what I know to be fact, and back it up with excerpts from Pacione himself.  Any speculation on my part is presented as such.

That might be too much information for you assholes to take in all at once, and you celebrate mid-list assholes who don’t deserve any acclaim.

I personally don’t celebrate any author, mid-list, NY Times bestseller, or otherwise.  I’ve given a few informal reviews to things I’ve read, and pointed out a few things that gave me pause.  They were honest, if sometimes hasty reviews.  I don’t have much of a feel for where the authors I’ve reviewed are on the food chain, to be honest.

ExposeTheTard has never given a review, and (s)he’s one of those who received the email in question.

It’s going to piss you off all the more that 2008 I will be getting a novel out there based off The FANDOM WRITER. That kind of story is written about fucks like you.

God spare us all.  A novel-length version of that laughable grudge-wank story about real authors is forthcoming?  It can’t possibly be about me, or ExposeTheTard.

I am going to take you assholes to hell, and prove that you fucks are going to see to it that I will never get a dime in this business.

That sentence doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.  It’s pretty much been proven that he’ll never makes a dime in publishing; he’s seen to that himself countless times.  That’s my favorite sentence of the whole email rant.

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