I see that Pacione has finally made use of the WordPress account he’s had for some time. For that, I might be able to take credit.

“Every little thing I am going to say or do someone’s going to get pissed off about it.”

Not likely, but why would he intentionally piss off readers? It doesn’t work for Philbin, so why would it work for Pacione?

“I’ve seen magazines come and go, that’s the reality of this business.”

The Literary Bone folded pretty quickly. So, when does Ethereal Gazette fold? When he runs out of high school kids to bilk?

“I noticed that a few forums are going around saying Avoid Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press like the plague and I am offering larger payouts too as a result of it.”

I suspect his words are not worth the electrons it takes to make them appear on the monitor at the other end, but he can type away all he wants.

“No matter how offensive it is people will get pissed off about it and I will be posting that interview that held the industry hostage too here too and in the result — there is someone out the claiming I am a monster, no I am not.”

He’s not a monster. He’s simply a filthy guy who thinks shampoo, soap, and toothpaste are for the pigeons. For evidence, just look at any of the pictures he’s posted of himself. He has two basic poses: the squatting one, and the 59″ tall one with his feet spread apart and fists clenched.

8 thoughts on “Worthless

  1. Alas for Nick, what he really is, is the internet equivalent of the old-time circus geek – the dirty, stinky bum who lived in a cage and debased himself for the entertainment of the masses in return for a pint of Thunderbird. His inability to perceive his position as our collective source of amusement is part of his disability. He’s more to be pitied than censured.

  2. While it could be said of Tess,
    “more sinned against than sinning,”
    Nick is no Tess,
    nor damsel in distress,
    despite his Veronica poses.
    When Peaches speaks, we hold our noses
    He raises a smelly stench with his supposes.
    “more sinned against than sinning”
    Applies to us,
    for he’s no Tess
    And he created this mess.

  3. Nick is indeed no Tess. I can’t see him being played by Nastashja Kinski in a movie version of his life. :{) Maybe Rob Schneider can do the part justice.

  4. My favorite bit was this: “Assholes who are listing my private information, I guess it is hard to keep everything private but I guess that comes with the territory as a writer and one who is also published.” Gee, Nicky must have finally figured out that HE posted his address on Authorsden and made it public.

  5. My magazine isn’t going to be folding anytime soon asshole so kindly fuck off. I will get this magazine out there and if you don’t like it then don’t read it. Then don’t pirate people’s projects because it is making you look like a complete asshole.

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