3 thoughts on “Get Your Rose PrOn

  1. We used to get roses round here. Before the weather went mad.
    I reckon it has dropped about 10 degrees celsius in a few days!

    Pretty though.

  2. We had a couple of days here that got into the 90s, then it dipped way back down to close to freezing overnight. It messes up the plants a bit, but they eventually get around to doing their thing.

    The hybrid teas the previous owner had are rather touchy, but the OGRs I put in are pretty hardy. Let’s face it — these OGRs wouldn’t still be around if they weren’t tried and true for nearly 200 years.

    If I lived in northern Minnesota or the U.P., I could probably only get rugosas to bloom. Winter/Spring isn’t that chilly here, but I’m not sure if any of the David Austin English roses would work. I love the quartered, cupped shape of their blooms, but am a little reluctant to experiment with them at this point.

    I’ll experiment with veggies instead, for the next year or so. The varieties of corn and beans are just amazing. In the meantime, I think I’ll end up with enough raspberries to make plenty of jam, syrup, and pies to foist off on the neighbors (and my dad).

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