Now I know why this place is so popular.  The garden center part of it is alright, for selection, and has competitive prices, but other places are probably better — Buckmann’s for instance.  The indoors, grocery part, is great for fresh produce!

I got three quarts of their own strawberries, a huge head of red leaf lettuce, two bunches of ripe tomatoes still on the vine, half a pint of crab dip, and 6 ears of corn.  I got one of those quarts of strawbs for free, as part of their sale deal, and since I’d spent $25+ at the place, I got all six ears of corn for free.

As for the gardening center part of it outside, I bought a flat of dianthus, half a flat of dark purple verbena (I would have bought a whole flat, but that’s all they had left), two tall white phloxes, two cherry tomato plants, a few canteloupe seedlings, and one cucumber seedling.

S hates cherry tomatoes.  He loves tomatoes; he just has an issue with the garden space these hog vs. larger varieties.  Too fucking bad.

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