Garden Harvest

This time of year, harvesting the fruits and veggies is a daily task.  I went out at 8 am, to do harvest duty.  I got a few peppers (yellow banana, and cayenne), two eggplants, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and another handful of Kentucky Wonder green beans.  Many more peppers can be picked any time I need them for dinner, but leaving them on the plants for another few days won’t do any harm.

Next, I dove into the wood margin, wearing long pants and a long sleeved mock turtleneck t-shirt to pick raspberries.  It’s sort of my hazmat suit, given all the poison ivy that’s in there.  I couldn’t care less about all the virginia creeper.  I only got a little over half a pint of raspberries today, but add them to the ones I snagged since Thursday, and we’re going to have a heck of a cheesecake, a few smoothies, or make jam or syrup.

Blueberry syrup is my favorite, but raspberry comes in a really close second.  Raspberry syrup on light, fluffy pancakes is divine!  A dollop of whipped cream is optional.

BTW, we have two quarts of blueberries.  They have so many possibilities.  I think a blueberry buckle is in our future.

9 thoughts on “Garden Harvest

  1. Nothing like eating something you grew yourself, is there? Our peach tree is about ready to be stripped of goodies. I’m looking forward lots of cobblers and pies. Yum!

  2. Peach cobbler? I’m so there, Otter. See that lady out at the end of your driveway, trying her best to look cute and hungry? She wants a bowlful of peach cobbler.

    I can grow apples, paw-paws, and plums around here, but I’m too far north to grow peaches.

  3. BTW, click on the second picture down on that site. I’m slightly left of center (of course), facing left (of course). I’m the tallest person in the picture, talking with our Senior Warden and the Presiding Bishop.

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