We Won’t Let Him Be Professional?

The thread at the Writingforums.com forum has reached eight pages. Mr. Pacione could not resist adding a lengthy comment, from which I’ve excerpted this:

“I am trying to be professional here but when I see a lack of professionalism from the rogues gallery and all they’re doing is railroading my readerships that I am working hard to gain.”

Translated, he can’t be professional because people won’t let him.

In other news, his new Blogspot entry is more of the same drivel that we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, Blogspot is down at the moment, or I’d link to the graphic he has posted.

He’s been using a crinkled paper texture a lot lately. It’s used in the banner graphic of his own forum, and on some other sites of his. To use a favorite word of Mr. Pacione’s, crinkled paper is so transgressive!

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