An Unfortunate Accident at Facebook

I suspect that “Carol” is Carol Sullivan, one of his contributors, and a member of Nicky’s new forum.  Anyway, this was posted at the Lake Fossil Press newsgroup on Yahoo.

I don’t have a Facebook account.  Does anyone know what happened over there?

He also asked that we each as him as our Facebook friend so he can stay in touch!

That sentence is marginally better than one Peaches might write.  “Read what I meant, not what I typed!  K thx bai.”

31 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Accident at Facebook

  1. If I had to guess, and it would be a total guess, he can’t remember the password for his Facebook and has either forgotten the password for the associated e-mail address or the e-mail account was deleted due to death threats and other forms of harassment.

  2. Oh and nearly all the snarky comments directed at the sugarplum princess have been snipped on Shocklines, in fact only one of his threads has any replies left.

  3. I don’t get it. Like Mike said, he does show up on Facebook with a Google search. Maybe he abandoned that account and set up another?

  4. Matt and his shears…Maybe he should use them on getting rid of the trouble makers like Nicky and Lawwy and Jhon and Mike.

  5. My guess is that his Shocklines reappearance and Matt’s protection are fallout from the heart of Metal business, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Dagswine intervened on his behalf as well. Given his ghoulish post in the Corey Haim thread and his recent instability I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t last long.

  6. Yeah WTF is that about?

    Corey Haim, the most ungoth person imaginable, DIES, and Nicky wants to cash in on that?

    I think that’s the key right there…he wants to cash in. He’s desperate for something. He knows his writing is about as exciting as watching two frogs in a coma but he always has to write ABOUT something controversial, like his foes or…Corey Haim, to make it sound interesting.

  7. He’s going to write about Corey Haim?
    Maybe it will be something about vampires and icky stuff.

    (I love the ending of Lost Boys!)

  8. ” That’s ripe material for a Gothic story — you have to admit. An actor dying penniless. The dark stories of hollyweird — I might write a character based on this in my novella. Won’t mention his name though — but it’s ripe material. And with an anthology like Tabloid Purposes, we’ll be all over this.”

    It was probably more about him jumping into a popular topic to name drop “Tabloid Purposes” than anything else.

    Ever notice in Lost Boys how they try and portray Haim’s character as gay? Shirtless pic of Rob Lowe in his room, singing “I Ain’t Got A Man” and singing the woman parts, all those pink pastel clothes…

  9. “Ever notice in Lost Boys how they try and portray Haim’s character as gay? Shirtless pic of Rob Lowe in his room, singing “I Ain’t Got A Man” and singing the woman parts, all those pink pastel clothes…”

    Actually, it’s not about Corey’s character at all. Joel Schumacher is openly gay and it was an inside joke, I believe.

  10. Joel Schumacher is the world’s greatest monster!!!!!

    (think I stole that from Robot Chicken’s scifi convention gone mad)

    I really need to get Lost Boys special dvd with the commentaries and remeberance.
    That and the Monster Squad with the same special features.

  11. We have LOST BOYS and MONSTER SQUAD in our collection as well. Those are big favorites in this house.

    I’ve received two more messages from Little Nicky since I posted here last. The first was on Facebook:

    “I got your fucking number pal. When people see that and realize it’s you. They will never buy a book from you again. So are you sure you want to fuck with Lake Fossil Press. Stay away from my family you fat fuck. I am going to use your words against you and in term it’s going to burn your ass. So you say I got negative talent. Look at my picture on here long and hard — see what it’s telling you. FUCK YOU.”

    I reported that message to Facebook, and apparently, they did something about it. That seems to have upset the boy and he sent me another Yuku message — in fact, he sent the same message twice:

    “Just because you tried to get me kicked off Facebook be prepared for a smear brigade from hell. I am going to use your pen name to take a shit on your grave.”

  12. So that was Nicky’s “unfortunate accident”? Running off his mouth and making threats? Typical.

    LOST BOYS rocks. Unfortunately, I think I read somewhere that they were going to do a remake of it.

  13. I saw Lost Boys 2 not too long ago. Rather meh. Not horrible, but nothing to write home about, either. Since I can barely recall the details of the movie, that should say something.

  14. After the recent comic about the Frog brothers I decided to skip Lost Boys 2, sometimes you just know they’ll never recapture the magic.

  15. Ok, so now I MUST HAVE THE DVDS!!!!
    Have seen Lost Boys 2, I am sure, but can’t remember anything about it either. Have heard of a remake of LB too, somewhere; they’re redoing everything these days it seems.

    Recapturing the magic is very hard. I’m worried and looking forward to Tron 2. If it stinks, I’ll be a very sad git. 🙁

    Also, a smear brigade? Sounds like a lot of mucky blokes
    leaving a icky trail behind them. Just Nicky’s kind of thing.

  16. All the best stuff went down after we lost power (right before dinner time) last night. If I hadn’t thought to boil a pot of water while the lights were still flickering, we wouldn’t have been able to use the steam to reheat those Swedish meatballs and gravy I made earlier. Parking pots on top of the heat exchanger in the fireplace might have worked, but when the electricty’s out, the oil burner won’t work, the water pump for our well water won’t run, and I can’t use any of the kitchen appliances. Nothing doing trying to fire up a charcoal grill on the patio during a nasty storm, either.

    At least the fireplace was cozy, and all of you were able to continue the conversation.

    The power’s back on, obviously, but I’m still catching up with everything.

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