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Nicky started another thread announcing his new official website for TP, which of course looks like shit.  It’s up to three pages, and still going strong.  This is epic.  It’s also going to be locked/snipped/deleted at some point, so I have screen shots.  For now, I’ll only post the first two after the cut.  If it makes it to page four, I’ll add page three, etc.

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  1. I had to laugh at Nicky’s comment about real email addresses, no email address is real and every last one can be walked away from as long as you pass on forwarding information to the people you give a damn about and change the contact information on the sites you use.

    Having my “real” email address wouldn’t help Nicky anyway, my online footprint under my real name is rather minuscule at best. I’ve done searches and only turned up one forum post from 5-6 years ago. The best thing is the rest of the results are for some guy on bebo who claims my email address is his, probably why I keep getting strangers adding me to IM programs.

  2. LOL

    I never bother with alts and such. If I don’t have the guts to say it to someone’s face, then I won’t say it online.

    And there’s very little I don’t have the guts to do and those things usually involve my fear of heights.

  3. I’m used to it, from the time I came online to today, in most of the places I visit nearly everyone uses a nickname and keeps their online lives separate from their personal. The only real exceptions are professionals like you and Ant who maintain an online presence, the best part is that it gives the stalkers like Nicky and Daggy a headache trying to find something personal to attack you with if you catch their attention.

  4. Yes, and that’s a blessing for you. It would have ultimately defeated my purpose in even having a present on the net to use alts and I couldn’t be arsed to waste time harassing people through alts the way that Dagstine does.

  5. The sheer stupidity of the people acting as enablers for Nikita blows my mind. It’s like “You are mean to him. He’s not right in the head, why dont you encourage him to seek help instead”.


    Sides… splitting…

  6. Oh, goody! Since Lee is monitoring this site in addition to his Shocklines job of Pacione Bully Police, then I can write something here instead of having to join SL. Warning: Wall’O’Text ahead!

    I do not know you, Lee, so I will assume that you are a good person. You do not know me, and so I hope that you assume that I am a good person. However, going by the assumption of a stranger being “a good person” is exactly how ALL of us have been harassed, stalked and threatened by Nick. For some reason, the police in his area do not take him seriously. The police in MY area took his threats against me a little more seriously, but -short of Nick actually showing up at me door and attempting to “skullfuck” me or whatever, there is nothing they can do.
    I pray that you never have to deal with a mentally disturbed person leeching onto you for no reason. While I certainly do not condone aggressively attacking anyone, including Pacione, I see nothing wrong with a good defense and the occasional preemptive strike. If you ever choose to criticize him in any way, you’ll come to know his brand of obsession, but only through the threats he WILL make against your children or your wife. Until then, feel free to shake your finger at everyone except the true bullies: Dagstine, and his poor puppet, Nick.

  7. I think that all or most of us here have at one time or another suggested to NIck that he get help.

    He doesn’t want help.

    If we assume that his trouble is bipolar, and not (as I suspect) schizophrenia, then he has the ability to decide to get help.

    He chooses not to.

  8. I’m kinda ticked off, though… no one has EVER let me get away with shit due to my mental or physical issues. (pout) What do I have to do to get a pass? Randomly send out profane, threatening emails while posing as someone els– oh wait.
    Never mind.

  9. The thing that people like Robert don’t seem to get is that we all post comments here rather than all across the web like certain others do.

    They don’t have to come here and see this.

  10. He’s an enabler who’s made his mind up that we’re the “bad guys” and Nicky needs to be protected from people like us, when in fact it’s the other way around. If he don’t get it by now, he never will… so… meh…

    And I would like to add to the above the following statement for official purposes: I, autoaim.cfg, am in no way, form or shape, in need of any protection from Mr Wingnut Pacione in any way shape or form. However, you have my sword. ;D

  11. Another thing Robert doesn’t seem to understand is that this is a blog, not a bulletin board. People, including him, don’t come here to read my recipes for banana cream pie, or see my vandas bloom.

  12. I really need a nap; I was sitting here thinking, “But, Rusty! I want to see your PANDAS bloom!”

    (Yes, I am silly. If I do not maintain my silliness, I will go late-80’s-postal on everyone.)

  13. Oooo.. at the risk of sounding like some metalhead, I have to say that I love Metallica’s version of “Ecstasy of Gold.”

  14. Coincidentally, Siouxie and the Banshees – “Dear Prudence” is playing now. And it’s so fitting.

    Dear Pacione, won’t you come out to play.
    Dear Pacione, meet your fail today.
    The thread is up, its shit, that’s true.
    It’s gonna crash, and so are you.
    Dear Pacione, won’t you come out to play.

    /hums along

  15. Metallica did a version of “Ecstasy of Gold?” I’ve never heard that before. However, that is my favorite piece of oater music.

    I’ll have to check that out…

  16. First, Lee probably has at least a modicum of sympathy for Pacione, given that Lee has some experience with being the target of stalkers and what not on message boards. At least, that’s how I see it.

    Second, I don’t buy for one New York Minute the whole, “We’re protecting the young and innocent from Pacione” argument. Lord knows I’m not defending the idiot but, c’mon, really? Could you really write that diatribe with a straight face? You’re arguing with him on Shocklines. Pretty much preachin’ to the choir there. Anyone who has spent any length of time there knows enough about Pacione to know he’s not worth speaking to, let alone deal with in any sort of professional capacity.

    Yes, he writes/says some awfully nasty crap. He threatens, he rants, he raves, and he slings muddled insults that can make your eyes bleed. So what? He doesn’t have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot if you wrote the instructions on the heel. As has been beaten to death here and elsewhere, he lacks the finances to make a cheese sandwich, let alone carry out any of his threats. He’s proven, time and again, to be a cowardly piece of garbage who, when confronted in person, giggles and runs away like a four year old girl.

    I don’t have sympathy for him. He brought this upon himself. But, this whole “poke the retard until he hollers” game is kind of old by now. If you fear some sort of physical retaliation from him, get a restraining order. Even better, get an attorney to file a cease and desist order on him. Then, if/when he screws up, you actually have a leg to stand on to either lock him up or get him help, whichever your true prerogative might be. Otherwise, all you’re accomplishing here is pissing in the wind and having a few lulz at the expense of someone who, as is painfully obvious, has mental issues.

    Would you point and laugh at someone suffering from MS and has bumped into you with their wheelchair?

    • @ Eric: I don’t know who you are, much less care, but if you came here to pick a fight with a few of my readers because of the link that Robert posted at SL, take it the hell back over there. I don’t post at Shocklines.

  17. I’m in awe that this bad boy is still up and running. Usually the ol’ snippers are out by now.

    Some solid gold on those pages.

  18. I just spewed water out of my nose given Beero’s recent comment.
    At first, I thought Nick was going into Engrish-speak.

  19. Larry can’t honestly believe Nicky’s family would let him have even a basic cell phone, let alone an iPhone. Nicky’s sausage-like appendages can’t even type on a full sized keyboard. Forget a cell phone.

  20. When I first saw you in your Halloween makeup autoaim I thought I was looking at a picture of Richard O’Brien. I’d always believed there was only one man I would follow into a Crystal Maze, now there are two. :blush:

  21. Failtroll is failtroll.

    Daggy is boring as usual. And since he’s most likely reading this: *ahem* Boring failtrolling = boring failtrolling. Entertaining trolling and/or result trolling = win. Or didn’ẗ they teach you that in Troll 101?

    F for Fail, come see me after class.

  22. I was trying to find that sci-fi quote “What is your one purpose in life? To explode of course!” after Lewis’ post but then I started sneezing and I’m up to like 60+ serial sneezes now amd they dont seem to go away, but that’s kinda ok cause it feels pretty good… only thing is that I’m in a hotel and it’s almost midnight here and the neighbouring rooms might find someone sneezing hard every 10 seconds for X minutes straight rather annoying.

  23. Of course there’s another possibility to the strangeness of that post, Nicky could have been having a seizure of some kind but determined to answer his critics one last time rather than call an ambulance he bravely struggled through the pain to hit the submit button before blacking out. A true American Hero.

    Maybe Daggy should call him on his I-Phone just to make sure he’s alright.

  24. Richard O’Brien, very schmexy! 😀

    I come by for the awesomeness of the smackdowns delivered to those who ask for it, I honestly admit it.
    However I do come by for food porn, flower porn, or kitty pics (I refuse to the p word around cats, just not right!)

    I also love any outbreak of geekery or silliness that comes along.

    I still remember discussions becoming about biscuits, the Goons, monster movies and so on.

  25. That’s Eric Enck who once helped Dagstine attempt to convince the masses that Nicky was a credible threat. If you go over to my xanga, the posts are still there, revealing the connections between Enck, Dagstine, and Nicky back at the time of the great literary boner interview.

    My how things change.

  26. And, I do know someone who was threatened in person by Nicky several years ago. She had a small child and was scared to death at the time. She got a restraining order on him and it did not keep him away from her. Finally she went into hiding and moved to a different state. Only then did she go after him on the net.

    He used people’s cease and desist orders to line the cage of his pet bird.

  27. Not sure if that’s Eric Enck, or Eric S. Brown, but Enck’s myspace is telling:

    “Eric Enck Horror Author
    writing new horror manuscript.
    Mood: accomplished
    Posted at 1:54 PM Mar 15”

    I guess if he’s “gone back” to writing, he must need some more material – what better way than to team with Dagswine and wake The Goth?

  28. Thanks, Rusty.

    I jumped to conclusions. I’m so angry at the moment that I can’t think straight.

    All the old PTSD symptoms are jumping out at me again.

    At the time that I first encountered Nicky, the PTSD was out of control. I was having flashbacks so bad that the most insignificant of triggers could put me in the floor, doubled over and struggling not to scream.

    I’m not one to beg (not as if it would have done any good at the time), but Nicky would not stop forcing me into corners. Which in turn, would have triggered violence if I had actually lived near him.

    I’m surprised that NIcky has lived this long.

    I’m also surprised that Dagstine has lived this long.

    What was the nature of the flashbacks that NIcky triggered? Nearly getting killed in various fights, winning them and coming out with broken ribs as a souvenir. JUst because you win does not mean you come out of them without scars and nightmares.

  29. 1. Yupp. Darkstar. It’s been a couple of years since I saw it last but thats the one, yes. I just couldn’t manage to write cause I was seriously sneezing my lungs out, riding high on that niiiice feeling of repeatedly tearing your lungs out by orgasmic sneezing activity.

    2. The folly of believing that this is not the last resort for most of the people in here is astounding. At the end of the day, the only way we’re going to get Nikita under control again is to force the issue. Make no mistake about that. We run the risk of coming across as bullies to people who don’t know who/what he is, but rest assured… anything else is enabling him to continue. RN Lee is a perfect example of that. He does not give a shit because his wife and/or child hasn’t been told in detail how they’re going to be raped and killed by Nicky.

    People like this Robert N. Lee will wake up and find his manhood held cheap, upon this fine St. Crispins Day.

    But hey, since you’re reading this. Pat yourself on the back. You’re a swell guy. Hell yeah, have a beer on me. What? Oh, pay no attention to that sobbing noise. That’s just the next 14 year old that Nicky scared the shits outta. It’s all LOL isn’t it, Robert? It’s all LOL….

    I make no excuses fot the fact that I think fucking with Nicky is delicious. I do enjoy it, Robert. I poke the howler monkey with a sharp stick with glee. He’s got everything I’ve got to toss as him coming a long time away,, a long time ago. You, on the other hand, are a pompous blowhard, riding a horse that breathes the thin air in the outer layers of the atmosphere. If you have witnessed this for as long a period of time as you claim, how can you look yourself in the mirror and claim that you have done no wrong tonight? Nicky will never get back on his meds until he is forced back on them. The only way to force him back on his meds is to pres the issue. It’s not like this is an untraveled road, is it? It’s not like we’ve not been here before, is it? But hey, I’m sure you know best. Not really being in the loop and all… right?

  30. I’m killing a little time before I take my headache to bed so I did a quick Google. I ran the name, and then tried connecting it with variously Shocklines, Pacione, Tabloid Purposes and Ethereal Gazette.

    I didn’t come up with any connections, and the only Eric Engels I could spot with a connection to entertainment media of any kind was a Habs blogger for HockeyBuzz.com and a radio broadcaster for Team 990 in Montreal Canada.

    I did turn up an Eric Engels playing drums in a band but since they appeared to be based in Antwerp, Belgium I assume it’s not them.

  31. Look folks, I’m not a virgin to the whole Nikita issue. Been around the situation for several years now. In fact, many of you know me. I’m choosing to post under an alias so as not be pulled into all the BS again.

    If any of you wish to email me, we can discuss that further in private.

  32. Eric, or whoever.. did you fail to notice that Rusty offered you an “out” by deleting your comment?
    …which only makes me think you are who I think you are…

    Also, if you didn’t want to be “pulled into all the BS again,” then why the fuck are you posting AT ALL?

  33. If he did not wish to be part of the BS or had some kind of alternative purpose, he would not have posted here.

    If he were not a virgin to the mess that is Nicky, then he would know what happens to people who come here with guns blazing.

    Now, as to monsters, Karen, do you think it would give Godzilla indigestion if I fed him Nicky and Dagswine?

  34. @Rusty, I didn’t come back here to pick a fight with anyone. Rather, just thought I’d share some comments. To be honest, I used to feel exactly like most of you. I got away from the situation for quite some time and it cleared my head a bit. Take that for what it is worth.

    Again, if someone wants to attack me or whatever, feel free to email me at eric.engels@charter.net. Rusty, I’m sure you can take a look at the IPs I’ve used today and ascertain I’m not Dagstine, Enck, or any of the others. In point of fact Rusty, you and I have exchanged emails in the past and I’ve provided you information once upon a time. I don’t have your email addy anymore though, lost it in the great Address Book Crash of 2009. Otherwise, I’d have already told you who I am privately.

  35. RNLee may have a few points, however his interest in the Laymon thread goes beyond Richard. While his target may not be deranged like Nicky, he is still targeting someone who doesn’t deserve it by posting often in that thread and saying what he’s saying. In other words, he’s trolling but in a much crueler way.

  36. I just wish Nick would just go away.

    It was kind of nice not having him gibbering his crazy shit everywhere.

    But, he just had to threaten my kids again.

    The lousy mutant fuck.

  37. @Cuss it might depend on the era but if I remember rightly a lot of the time Godzilla probably has enough background radiation to sterilise any bugs in them harmful enough to give him indigestion, he might still have to drain a few distilleries to get the taste out of his mouth though.

  38. Bwahahahah… I had not seen the end of the Epic Thread. I went to sleep after my comment about sending Matt a postcard about not having to fear Nicky. I’m reading up on Nicky wanting to dump me into the Chicago river now and it’s hilarious. A plus sized model? That’s Nickys glamorous “hanging out with models” life? Nuts ripped off over the phone? He’s talking to me, and bringing that up? He must be so goddamned out of his skull he doesn’t have a clue. Interesting… as you know, I’m not at home this month so I can’t get at my files. What was that phone number for Nicky again? Anyone know if its still in use? Damned shame I dont have the dictaphone with me on this trip so I can’t record.

  39. I just got caught up on that and lol’d at the part where Nicky finally lost it and started the death threats.

    I laughed more at him telling Beero about how he told someone off on the phone. I guess he doesn’t know who Beero really is.

  40. Exactly, Al. And that’s…. that’s…. mindblowing. It’s like his brain really is totally unable to process information. Do I have to go over there and write it on his forehead in magic marker? ;D

  41. The “laughing nervously and running away” story was totally backed up by that phone call where he did what? Laughed nervously and hung up a lot.

  42. I just re-read the third page of the now deleted thread because I was sure it had the post where Nicky started talking about the fights he won (HAW HAW!) in school. Again, he mentioned having a padlock concealed in his fist.

    Didn’t he write in his memoir that he was too afraid to try out for football because he thought everyone would “use him for the football”? And here he is talking about beating the shit out of two kids in high school, and saying he almost “got into it” with Brian Keene.

    I highly doubt any fight Nicky was in ended with him standing victorious. Instead, he was probably floored with one punch or good shove, and that’s where he started crying and making threats he couldn’t possibly follow up on. As for the Keene thing? He was hiding in the basement again, and he even let Shirley deal with it when the police came by to make sure he didn’t show up at Keene’s signing like he had threatened to.

    But, I guess that was for the best, because I still think that if Nicky had emerged from the basement to talk to the Morris PD, he would’ve started ranting and raving to the point that he probably would’ve gotten himself arrested!

  43. I think that shrews was with Keene at that signing. And Nicky did complain about the PD having a talk with him.

    He has no idea of the real psychological dynamic of a fight or what it takes to be a tough guy. He thinks it is all about cussing for one thing.

    My grandmother never cussed, but I once saw her in a berserk fury knock a six footer down with one punch. That was adrenaline talking for the most part. The little Japanese grocer on the corner pulled my 4’10 grandmother off the guy. And for the rest of my life I will still hear Toma’s voice saying, “Mrs. Simms! Mrs. Simms! Please, Mrs. Simms” as he pulled her off him.

  44. All Brian did as I recall was notify the police he would be in town for a signing and talked to them about Nicky’s threats of showing up and what he’d do once he got there.

    So the Morris PD showed up to tell him not to go.

    Best part of that was Nicky was too scared to leave the basement to come up and talk to the cops. He had his grandmother talk to them then pass it on to him. He must have been sweating bullets that day lol

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