Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot entry today is a lulu.

I will say I got an e-mail from a publisher interested in running the book when it is finished. I sent this publisher a sample of what was already done and that was the 1990-1991 section of the book.

So he’s made it to ninth grade. Don’t tell me. Let me guess. That “publisher” is PublishAmerica, right? I wonder how much money PA thinks it can actually bilk from Pacione. He still hasn’t paid his contributors from TPIII and TPIV.

Oh by the way Marlowe1, listen up you libeling fag — I’ve paid the authors in Tabloid Purposes and Tabloid Purposes II . . .

Usually, his entries only mention one or two people. Today, Brian Keene, TODP, Angeline Hawkes, Karen Koehler, Tim Lieder, Elizabeth Peake, Journalfen, and Brucha Meyers got special mentions. Did I miss anyone?

His EncyclodepdiaDramatica entry was recently (and hilariously) updated.

For one last treat, he was slammed pretty hard on Journalfen’s support page. PWNED! Kudos to llama_treats.

15 thoughts on “PublishAmerica?

  1. Okay, let’s see how the ninth grade bit goes…

    “And then this motherfucking cunt laughed at me in the showers for not having any pubes yet. I told him he was a faggot with no life and he laughed at me and said I had a squeaky voice. I got that fucking it of a bitch faggot in my sights and if he ever releases a book I will railroad the fuck out of him for libeling me like an e-pirating queerfuck. Sorry fucker – you’re not even close. I am 31 years old now and have pubes so fuck you. Yes or no? If you say no you are a fucking homo he-dyke.”

  2. Phil, I can’t even read something like that without hearing it in my head spoken in Nick’s voice.

    Note to self: never have a beverage in hand when reading anything Phil writes.

  3. It’s not actually me who writes those examples of Pacionese. I’ve got an homunculus here that I shaped to look and act just like him.

    And given that yer basic homunculus consists of semen that’s left to ‘mature’ underneath a dungheap, I find he’s quite realistic…

  4. Hate to bug you, but is there any way you could take my name off this post? While I appreciate the work you’re doing, I’m annoyingly Googleable as it is (no doubt why Nicky finds it so easy to go obsessive on me) and this doesn’t help. :/ But anyway, good luck, and thanks for the link back to the wiki. 🙂

  5. I edited it to give you a strikeout, B. That should do the trick to keep the bots away from it on a text match basis–if they haven’t already found it.

    For the readers who already gave it 900+ hits, though, it’d toss any integrity I have to the wind if I were to outright delete your name at this point. If you do get flak that you can track back to Rusty, please let me know; maybe we can work out a better solution.

  6. Brucha why don’t you write a story with your own characters instead of stealing other people’s copyrighted works. I will not edit out your name either because you need to be torn apart for the shitty human being you are. I have better original works than you can even conceive or even think of. I got published for them more on a regular basis. You can even beg your new fuckbuddy to publish those stories for you.

  7. You’re welcome to comment here, Mr. Pacione, but please endeavor to keep it on-topic. Arguments you may have with third parties are not on-topic.

  8. Brucha — you fandom wanking cunt, The Fandom Writer is copyrighted and you have no right to use the story in your fandom wanking bullshit site. At least I don’t steal from marval comics. Do I have to e-mail Marvel to let them know about your copyright infringement?

  9. Rusty: Thank you– I know it won’t help much, but I appreciate it. And if you ever feel a need to publish web design, I’ll know who to contact. 😉

    Phil – He can certainly try. I imagine Marvel will laugh in his face (as everyone else does), since they are quite aware of fan fiction and really don’t care. I also find extreme irony in focusing on two people who actually have been paid by Marvel, but that’s neither here nor there…

  10. Hi is one of a kind . . . who else could keep us so entertained for so many years? The only breaks he seems to take are when he’s institutionalized.

    B–I’m glad to make your acquaintance, regardless of the circumstances.

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