Worst Than White Thrash

Sounds like the name of a metal band — or a description of rap — doesn’t it?  Well, it’s a quote from The Nickster, responding in RAEG to Jenny’s WriterFace thread, which has made it to two pages.

I clearly won’t publish SomethingAwful.com goons because they’re considered worst than white thrash or worms crawling on their bellies. She is no fellow writer — she’s a fucking plaglaristic piece of shit who can’t come up with her own characters and steals mine to mock the shit out of me on her blog. Now Baupader, go back to the shitty forum where you belong if you’re going to stir shit up like this. I know that title was a joke on a thread that was hijacked on VampireFreaks.com twice.

Yes folks, on WriterFace he dives right into bitching about SomethingAwful and VampireFreaks.  Chances are pretty good that most WF forum members would have to Google them to know what they are.

Beverage alert!  There are several good comments, but this excerpt from one of Baupdeth’s is chock full of win:

I’ll have you know that my current work, ‘Hats: A History’ is part of my doctorate program at the University of Michigan, and I have studied and taught at the prestigious University of Lapland, which is located in Rovaniemi, Finland, where I also received my masters degree. As an example, did you know that Saint Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of milliners in France? I bet that you did not.

The best part is that anyone can read the forum threads.  Registration is only required to participate.  Stay tuned to that thread.  I’ve no idea how the mods work, when it comes to locking or deleting threads.

It’s classic Nicky, displaying his idiocy for all the world to see, including multiple spelling and grammatical errors.  Way to show everyone what a classy dude and fantastic editor you are, Peaches!

257 thoughts on “Worst Than White Thrash

    • I do miss Nikita’s video rants, but can’t decide whether the marble mouthed gerbil ones are better than the ones he did before he figured out how to work the audio on his camera. Each has a certain je ne sais quoi.

  1. I was going to head off to bed, then Nicky completely lost it on WriterFace. From our favorite dumpling:


    I also want to ask here where the FUCK do you asshole have the right to gain my previously unreleased material and tell the fucking truth here and now where you got it! The fact you pull this out on me when you go around “reviewing” unfinished novellas and getting stories that I submitted to magazines. The fact you fucking get those stories without my permission to get them.

    Baupader — quit hiding beneath the faux professionalism like a pussy claiming to be some kind of “hero” when you really are a criminal in the industry like some pillowbiting asshole. What FUCKING right do you have to review STOLEN works. Saying that they are given to you by the fake “proofer” or “editor” — WITH TEETH you are a FUCKING lying Cunt who never read Witch’s Party. The magazine that accepted it never sent the story out anywhere. The fact you fucks are cornering me like a caged animal — Baupader you called yourself someone from Illinois; BULLSHIT you never even set foot in Illinois, and you said you fight for your country, BULLSHIT you fucking burn American flags for your amusement.

    You have no right to use THE CABBIE HOMICIDE to fuck with me either you faceless terrorist. The fact you hide behind no picture to fuck with someone and their career. Well I worked with a lot of well known authors and they do come back to work with me on publications (despite your chrome domed lover from Finland attempted to do when he did that bullshit domain, and your suckbuddy from Scottland PLAGIARIZING my work that’s not even available online.)

    Goons get what Goons deserve Baupader. I will never publish a book on hats you fucking asshole. You never served this country and fuck your faux-professionalism. I am giving you the same curtesy that you gave me with your posts on SomethingAwful.com and your fucking cunt sluts on here with their bullshit blogs and bullshit domains.

    FUCK YOU and the virus that you rode in on — I hope someone gives you a virus and destroys that so called “book” you wrote and gives the computers that host the fake domains behind Tabloid Purposes a fucking virus too. Jenny fuck your conning me out of $100 for a copy of Tabloid Purposes II when I already have the PDF in my possession. Your “fame” came from riding my fucking coattails you fat landwhale, and I already know that is not your picture — and what makes me sick is your husband encourages your bad behaviour too. You’re accusing me of this shit, well look in the fucking mirror you pirating and plagiarizing bitch.

    • Wow I haven’t seen him that upset in a long time. Pure Nicky raeg.

      I was noticing something else he said that boggles my mind how someone would think it, much less let it leave their mouth

      “I do a stronger designed book han a lot of them combined because I work with a word processor other than Word.”

      He uses Open Office, which is a freeware knockoff of Office. It’s Office basically. Nicky never has what other people have yet he tries to cover by acting like he prefers what he has to oh say, what’s considered the best by everyone. For example, he once said that some photo editing software he uses is better than Photoshop and he only uses it…the software he uses is some cheap freeware that came with his digital camera.

    • As the suckbuddy from Scotland I fail to understand why anyone would act like our shared love of lollipops and Kojak impersonations is a bad thing…

      Who loves ya baby?

    • Oh mercy he is rampaging

      Pretend publish — GET FUCKED YOU FACELESS ASSHOLE. I published those books with a lot of heart and soul put into the editing the books and anthologies. They’re real, flesh and blood books though I don’t use a large publishing house like New York to publish them. The fact that you and your friends on SomethingAwful.com do things for the fucking lulz such as this bullshit topic and thread, Jenny you are nothing but a faceless cunt.

      Picking a fight on a forum, you told me to be civil — this is me being civil you failure at white trash. Chocolate Milk? What the fuck do you have me written out as you sack of white trash failure? I drink beer and coffee you bastard. This particular thread was argumentive in the process of it. The fact she admitted to wanting a pirated copy of House of Spiders 3 on her blog. She was begging people for a pdf of the novella when we didn’t offer that one as a .pdf.

      The fact you created more than one handle to stir up drama on another board, and you have the balls to put me on trial on here like some criminal. Put a real face on your picture cocksucker before you come here to pick a fight. I don’t pretend to publish the anthologies, I do publish them you FUCKING HOMO. I am not going to answer your fucking question because it’s one of those that puts me as a bigger asshole than what you assholes doing by figuratively ramming a plane into the towers.”

      He’s back to comparing us to the 9/11 terrorists. I can totally see now why his friend Robert wants to publish him for his completely real and adult publishing company. That uses free webhosts.

    • . . . conning me out of $100 for a copy of Tabloid Purposes II . . .

      Did he ever actually accept that offer to sell him the .pdf? If he didn’t, he made it sound as if he did? And, if he did, it makes him look incredibly incompetent, which is something he probably wouldn’t want advertised. But then again, he can’t grasp the concept that whenever he overworks his keyboard on these forums, he demonstrates his incompetence in his own flamboyant way.

  2. I just reported him to the Admins. I think, because I started the thread, I can also lock it. I’m considering doing that because it would piss him off to not be able to respond… Hm.

  3. Alright, it’s locked. Don’t worry, Mike, he’ll go ballistic all over people’s profiles when he finds out.

    I have to head to bed pretty soon, so I’ll check back in the morning.

    • He was doing that yesterday, leaving a long spewing comment on one guy’s profile.

      I was kidding with the “wait for it.” bit, but I forgot how to format text to include fake HTML code. It should have been encapsulated with “British Sargent Voice”…

      Another oops…

    • And he has started with the writerface profiles:

      Jenny this is yours: Don’t FUCK with Lake Fossil Press or Tabloid Purposes you worthless slut.

      From Jerry West’s:

      I remained in business for a long time because I refuse to kiss anyone’s ass and I will actually say exactly what I think. That is what the authors on the roster expect when they come to me to be published on the magazine or anthology. I don’t publish children’s books, and I publish short stories in the horror genre or modern science fiction genre as long they don’t have sexual content in them.

      My becoming a publisher got me published in other places too with my career as a writer, editor and publisher. I am famous for having a set of house rules on the magazine and if someone breaks the house rules when they submit a story, I will send them what they call The Rejection Letter From Hell. People find my guidelines insulting because I refuse to publish alternative romance or erotica (the no smut rule is the strictest rule I have.)

      Those three jokers starting that thread are from a site called SomethingAwful.com. Some of them went as far as to offer bittorrents of my non-fiction book, An Eye In Shadows, and got another forum involved with doing a flamewar with me called TwilightSucks.com.

      I survived many small presses in the indie circut because of my house rules and not playing by everyone elses rules. The forum that the one originated from produced two murderers and their fearless leader got roughed up in the ring by a movie director who makes movies out of video games. That one person accusing me of being a SomethingAwful.com Goon is twisting my words around to make me look like the asshole. They are similar to Encyclopedia Dramatica dickheads who go around violating people’s copyrights and pass the lies off as truth.

      I get a simple Go back to SomethingAwful.com where you belong.

    • There are so many things wrong with that. One, he’s technically not in business, never having registered his company. Two, he uses Lulu to print his stuff, which costs nothing until he needs to order a copy or two to give away at some nightclub. Three, he hasn’t closed up shop yet because Uncle Sam provides him with a steady supply of cash to waste on his hobbies. Four, if he’s famous for anything, it’s being an asshole; infamous is more like it. I could go on, but won’t.

  4. Ok, since it got stuck in moderation (WP didn’t like three links I suppose) I’ll just do it without the http’s then.

    Oh wow, I just got up poured myself a cup coffee, turned the computer on and promptly destroyed yet another keyboard by means of caffeinated beverage. Thank you all. ;D

    And here’s the screens of Glory:


  5. “Doing my publishing company might be the only chance I have at my son finding me when he turns 18.”

    1) That’s not allowed
    2) After googling Nicky and looking at the first sites that pop up, I wouldn’t expect anyone would want to track him down, or admit to being related to him.

    • According to Melany, their son seeking out Nicky won’t ever happen due to his special needs.

      The fact that she knows this and he doesn’t shows what kind of a man and father he is. Actually I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he knew that too (because of her) and knew it wasn’t an option, but is using the idea of his son as another shield.

      I’m waiting for him to mention that he cares for sick relatives and how it’s bad to goof on him because of that.

  6. I love how he compares people being warned about him to someone flying an airplane full of people into a skyscraper.

    You know, I’m seriously starting to wonder if maybe, just maybe, I should start beating him in the face with a baboon’s ballsack again.

    Or maybe send him a box of live bees with “SHAKE BEFORE OPENING” written on the side.

    • Why can’t we have both? A baboon trained to beat him with his ballsack that urinates angry bees?

      Oh and if that baboon doesn’t teabag a bloody and half-conscious Nicky then send his ass back to the Temple of Doom to have his brains served for dessert.

  7. http://www.writerface.com/forum/topics/getting-published?commentId=2298895%3AComment%3A23141

    “but do it right meaning no generic looking covers or things like that — all the covers I do with Lake Fossil Press are all custom from out of the box.”

    Lying little shit. He’s been using photos from his DA page for his covers for the past 20 projects and yes, he even incorporated that blurry picture of a pigeon from the backside with it’s head down so it looks like a white pile on the ground.

    Oh and his Tabloid covers no longer looking like actual tabloid covers? I did one myself for a project recently, and it’s really easy and fun. No excuse for him to suck so badly.

  8. “your chrome domed lover from Finland”

    Man, I loved this. Just had me thinking of Autoaim singing this to the tune of Donny Osmond’s I’m Your Long Haired Lover from Liverpool. 😀

    I think maybe Chocolate Milk? is my new favourite expletive from him. Least he seemed to use it that way. He was so offended by it!
    Who doesn’t love choc milk though? Odd man.

    But you have to enjoy the irony. Jenny puts up a post warning people about Nicky, and he jumps in ranting and snarling just to prove how true that warning is.

    • Hats off to which one of you bastards posted four or five book burning videos on the lake fossil cult!

      And from pickles vf profile:

      Jun 23, 2010, 05:20am
      Hey thanks again for recommending me to this site it has a lot of great stuff on it! It was great seeing you at the Pride rally and I’m glad to see you back out there to support the LGBT community again. It was a pleasure to finally meet Ricardo and you two looked so great together (I love his beard! lol) I hope the two of you have a very long and happy life together Nicky.

  9. Here is his latest facebook whine.

    Nickolaus Pacione Facebook is a webmonkey’s worst nightmare especially since you can’t go outright and do HTML in the profile (MySpace.com allows this to some extent, but they make it harder for webmonkeys like me to really play with the coding. VampireFreaks.com allows it to some extent too but they don’t allow java tags such as right click block.)
    2 hours ago ·

    Tracy Crockett
    and vampire freaks sucks ass!!!!! losers
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    Jeff Sandburg
    What’s vampire freaks? Is that some Twilight based fan fic hangout?

    • >Nickolaus Pacione Facebook is a webmonkey’s worst nightmare especially since you can’t go outright and do HTML in the profile

      You can use HTML in many ways on Facebook, especially on the “Fan” pages (as I have). It seems Nicky is too thick to work out how though.

    • WEBmonkey? SHITmonkey more like.

      Holy fuck is he ever delusional.

      I think that there may be a story called “Worst Than White Thrash” on its way to EtherealGazette.com shortly.

  10. Nickster doodles has updated his writeface profile:

    Have you published any of your work?
    yes in my magazine and anthologies, along with other magazines and e-zines. I’ve sold to Tales of the Talisman and HorrorMasters.com then I featured some of my freebie fiction on my personal website.

    Feel free to market yourself on WriterFace. Are you currently part of a writers’ group or a writers’ salon? (optional)
    I am a small press author and publisher of controversial short stories in the horror genre. I’ve been published in a few magazines over the yeas but I’ve been busy writing some longer material and it won’t fit in magazines because of their size. I have the GLS for the magazine up on the website and people can buy the magazine on lulu.com. My website contains descriptions of graphic violence and hard profanity so if you’re offended by the use of FUCK, COCKSUCKER, or SHIT, then you can go over to disney where they’re more family friendly. The politically correct, keep walking because this is going to be beyond your comfort zones.

    • Really WTF. He drops all three of those words on his profile then wonders why people won’t take him seriously?

      On hi WF profile he has a section that shows his blogs latest entries, so anyone that visits that page sees

      “An Author’s Blog

      Fuck Off: Welcome To The Wall…

      me — the scumbag?!? Fuck Off.

      “New” proofer — bullshit…

      An Attempted Leak

      This asshole — supports plagiarsm.”

      Plagiarism spelled plagiarsm btw…

  11. I wonder if he knows that the ability to misspell and improperly use swear words isn’t going to make anything think he’s dark and edgy, but rather make them wonder if he has some kind of Tourette’s syndrome that manifests through writing.

    • Probably not. As it is, I’ve lost track of how many people over the years have asked him whether English is his first language.

    • Pretty much the two major warning signs that a publisher (any publisher, I mean, not just NP) is a complete unprofessional, and possibly a headcase, is 1. excessive swearing, usually accompanied by an attempt to look/talk dangerous or badass, and 2. any so-called publisher who openly talks about other people in the industry in a negative light. If you encounter it, my advice is run, because a publisher who talks tough is probably covering extreme insecurities, and if he or she is talking about someone else to you, chances are he or she will one day be talking about you to someone else.

    • Actually, Jan, I’m not referring to legitimate complaints or important publisher alerts. I mean so-called industry professionals like NP and other fly-by-nighter publishers that run bitch sessions out by the mile. You pretty much know it when you see it because every other blog or twitter post is about someone who supposedly “did something” to them. 😉 I’ve found it to be a very good barometer of the person’s level of professionalism.

  12. Just a heads up, in the Twilight Sucks thread N.Chaos is requesting links to examples of Nicky being naughty on Deviantart as they’re trying to get him booted.

    If you don’t want to register on the forum I’m sure one of us can pass them along.

  13. Heh his comments section is beginning to fill with comments he probably doesn’t want left up there lest someone assume he would allow that!

    On an unrelated note, I was going through my Nicky folder last night and came across a LOT of stuff I forgot I had. I still have the doctored floorplan for Gothicfest 07 (where his booth was in the men’s room and Poppy had his) that caused him to send a flurry of calls and emails to those putting it together! All the covers we did, doctored photos, pranks, animated gifs, etc. Most of it homoerotic, so if I die tomorrow and a relative goes through my harddrive, they will think things about me. 0__o ^__^

  14. Current facebook posts:

    Adding more to the opus novella — it’s going to have some huge paragraph blocks like stories in Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual and some of H.P. Lovecraft’s work. GAME OVER is going to be my strongest novella to date but saving it for issue 11. Ignore the shitty covers that AngryInIllinois put out there (he’s n…ot the proofer or editor of the magazine or the imprint.) (3 hours ago)

    Two people I won’t add and they know who they are — I am not taking requests for either of them, if they request me again I will make fun of them bad on my wordpress blog. (4 hours ago)

    • He’s simply amazing. GAME OVER was leaked, it was found to be another Mary Sue revenge fantasy of his where he is an innocent victim, is murdered or whatever by…us…then turns into a ghost that violates restraining orders from beyond the grave, and that’s exactly how it will be when he finally releases it.

      When he’s done reworking it, overall it’ll still be the same: Everyone of us that ever angered him is going to die. Any female author that achieved the success he never could will be murdered and go to Hell. Of course he won’t actually write the death scenes, that would require work, instead the narrator is STILL going to say shit like “Then the other contributor was eaten by a shark and then went to hell for being mean to Zorn. The forth contributor’s death was something out of a Twilight Zone episode and he is now burning for all eternity and he deserves it for being gay.”

    • I wonder if I’ll be in there? I’d like a Twilight Zone-esque death or mental destruction. Preferably something involving African shamans and killer bees.

      But he’d probably fuck that up to.

    • I was hoping to be killed by a rampaging hairy coo myself, but as far as I can tell he’d either forgotten about me or just hadn’t gotten around to killing me in the unfinished version.

    • I don’t know if this will satisfy your desires, Rusty, but if you pick up Black Jack Derringer Book II: The Queen of Hearts this fall, my outlaw characters have an unusual encounter with sand whales. 😀

    • Well, in the incomplete e-ARC that I’ve got, neither Lewis or Ant get the ax…or any other form of homicide. Sorry. Nicky does claim that he has added 3,000 words (of most likely NOTHING HAPPENING), so you never know.

  15. Hello everyone here. I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I am doing so because I just recieved another angry email from the former editor and chief of Lake Fossil.

    QUIT SPAMMING MYU INBOX — that little e-mail got you another stay on the wall of shame. The faggot has nothing of my company you sack of fuck — so why don’t you go home and go molest your dead goat some more.

    He is angry with me for a number of reasons, such as using every email address he owns when replying (I have no idea which one he checks most y’all) and for asking him about the new owner and sometimes I ask him about hats.

    Here is the email that made him claim I am going back on his wall of shame again

    I noticed you haven’t been on VampireFreaks in a while. Are you taking a break from there? Did AngryInIllinois seize that account when he seized your company, Lake Fossil Press and became the new editor and chief?

    Did you write House of Hats 3 through Naked Hat Press?

    He is a very angry young man and does not wish to congratulate me on being accepted at Lake Fossil. Makes me sad y’all.

  16. Straight off writerface!

    Lake Fossil Press will never publish fucking Gay Erotica in any form — it’s a horror/modern day science fiction/scary non-fiction publisher of short stories in various author anthologies. I see that the one called “AngryInIllinois” is spreading his venomous poison everywhere now and trying to convince everyone otherwise. There is only one owner behind Lake Fossil Press and I don’t use bogus covers of unicorns or artwork that looks like something that would be on a tampon box. I use a few blogs for my source of operations and the faceless twat WithTeeth who goes around posting poetry that mocks my titles and plots. I guess they are the blind leading the blind. I will publish young adult horror stories if they’re good — think Twilight with more stones.

    The reason I won’t publish that crap is that I am a Christian, and I have my house rules set up on the magazine to rule out the smut merchants (garbage in garbage out.) I’ve started the imprint in 2004 and never sold the company to anyone. I did a thread on here called Small Press Clinic and I give details about my company that only I would know. “AngryInIllinois” is nothing but a book burning faceless troll who goes around making a parody out of the company. So I see these trolls on the message boards and yes they are trolls saying that Lake Fossil Press “published” male erotica — I am not a fruit or a poofter so why the hell would I want that crap polluting my publishing companies anthologies.

    Yeah the cespool arrived to the forum and they are causing havoc. I will save my more insulting posts for my blog on wordpress.com which I use for announcements on publications of Lake Fossil Press. The fact that “AngryInIllinois” is talking out of both sides of his mouth and doesn’t have the stones to try to go with the fake versions of the magazine or the other publications planned on Lake Fossil Press. The one joker said that Mike Brendan was in charge of the magazine, funny, I never gave the keys over to the magazine — Lake Fossil Press under Nickolaus Pacione rule is still going strong and will go strong. You jokers going around fapping off to the grave of my management, don’t you think you’re dancing on the grave a little too soon.

    If you think that Lake Fossil Press is an erotica publisher, leave that attitude at the door and go find a magazine or publication more suiting for that brokeback crap. I am fed up with the faux profesionalism of the naysayers who basically picked the fight on VampireFreaks.com Writer’s Corner forum especially when I made the annoucement that one of my stories got picked up and now they are going around trying to say they got “pirated” copies of that said story now. It’s not even available online until next month, and I plan to make my own titles print exclusives to the magazine. Especially when the faux editor is saying that he already knows the ending of GAME OVER, I am still writing the novella and adding more parts to it.

    If some of you are offended by the profanity, that’s just how I naturally speak and if you find me crass and repugant because of it — then I guess you never lived in the Midwest or Chicago. I have a “Middle FInger Up”
    policy when it comes to publishing — meaning if I don’t like you I will be giving you the finger and in a rejection letter I won’t exactly be polite or family friendly with the rejection.

    As for you jagoffs posting about hats on my threads when I am trying to make an announcement about a publication, that’s rather inconsiderate to the person posting and that’s known as being a troll. The fact one fake domain out there posted “LAKE FOSSIL PRESS LUVS THE COCK” repeatedly and then use Encyclopedia Dramatica to give viaable and truthful information about me.

    Any forum poster staying, “Reading my work causes AIDS” is one of those who are blind with ignorance and never sought out the print exclusive material sol to magazines and stuff like that. Yeah they will talk, and I wrote An Eye In Shadows with the venom that bites them back. If I am not vulgar, I am not being honest. If someone thinks I am trying to keep it clean for the sake of professionalism, they don’t read between the lines.

    I don’t want anything that would be in Rob Halford’s personal reading list in terms of content within the pages of horror or Science Fiction — meaning I don’t want to read about a guy plunging another guy in the ass or woman eating out another woman.

    I am trying to say this without any profanity, but if I am not offending someone — I am not doing something right, if I play it safe — I am doing it wrong. This is America — I have a right to choose what I want in a publication and if it pisses off the GLBT community so be it. I’ve written two stories designed to piss them off. I don’t want these fandom wanks going around plunging their “fan fiction” into a submission and get celebrated for the damn thing. The female writers on the publications tend to look like movie stars and the male writers either have a blue collar appearence or a bouncer tone to their story — as in a lot of rough language.

    When I see threads like “AVOID LAKE FOSSIL PRESS and NICKOLAUS PACIONE” it’s not a personal attack, but it’s starting a fight on a forum. I’ve seen this happen on another forum and it went to bedlam. One thing they don’t count out — no matter what people say or do, I will have a line up for an anthology or a magazine because the writers belive in what I do. I get e-mails being praised for taking the stand against the overt sex and alternative romance being passed off as horror. That shit isn’t horror.

    I want writers to come in knowing what horror is and be able to deliver the goods with each anthology or issue of the magazine. When I see a few jagoffs doing videos burning my titles, that’s CENSORSHIP. E-Piracy became my personal war too because people are torrenting my unpublished works, then posting “stories” with stolen ideas and titles in the name of “fair use” more like Fair abuse of fair use. I am not speaking disrespectfully of the GLBT community when I make this post about my company, Lake Fossil Press, I had a few sneak into the anthologies and I find out about it later after the book get published. I think, damn then move on to the next publication.

    This is the honest words of a man who’ve been the driving force of Lake Fossil Press and AngryInIllinois isn’t anything to the company. He doesn’t write the submission guidelines up for the anthologies, and he clearly made a mockery of my family on his devaintart journal using a planned title of an anthology I am doing with my second imprint as a single novella, Broken Mindframe Books, and this imprint doesn’t have an official website or a domain for it yet. I publish these titles where I published An Eye In Shadows at on Lulu.com — I plan to work with other print on demand publishers too as I see fit or pending how controversial something is.

    The faceless prick is going around trying to STEAL my other planned anthology from under me. I already posted the GLS to this one and I am e-mailing authors by invitation via facebook and myspace.com for this. I will have the link to the GLS via a message board post on VampireFreaks.com and the e-mail for submissions is etherealgazette@gmail.com. So with this post, I hope it sets the record straight about what Lake Fossil Press publishes and doesn’t bother looking at.

    Tags: blogs, censorship, crankyeditor, owner, pacione-speaks, press, profanity, small

    He has also chosen to moderate his wall posts.

    • “The one joker said that Mike Brendan was in charge of the magazine,”

      Wow, where the hell did anyone say that? Has Nikki’s mental Rolodex been spinning faster than usual, or is this another case of him not understanding what he reads again?

  17. This is from Angry in Illinois writerface page. (And my other post is stuck in the que)

    This just gets weirder. (Not even sure why I’m trying to understand. Morbid curiosity I guess.) So he used to work for Lake Fossil, which is a gay/alternative lifestyle magazine. Then he got fired. I understand that much. Where I get confused- he started a magazine by the same name, publishing different stuff, and is trying to redirect readers to his Lake Fossil as a way of getting back at the people from the original Lake Fossil who fired him? Or did he get fired and is just making things up about owning it? Seems kind of paranoid with all the accusations of people stalking him, and then he messaged me a gmail address he made with Lake Fossil in it, and something about people stealing or reviewing a book he hasn’t even released, which totally doesn’t make sense. *Too much for my brain*

  18. Rumor has it Nicky’s Shocklines access may finally be blocked. If true… talk about closing the barn door after the animals have fled!

  19. Wow, Nicky is in full self-destruct mode at present over on WriterFace. And he still, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t found the posts I’ve made on Writerscafe or Authorsden.

  20. The following highlights are why it’s best to throw the most insane shit out at Nicky, because it’s a hundred times funnier to see him repeat it in an angry rant…

    >I don’t use bogus covers of unicorns or artwork that looks like something that would be on a tampon box.

    >think Twilight with more stones. (ooh I wonder if the TS folks saw that?!)

    >You jokers going around fapping off to the grave of my management, don’t you think you’re dancing on the grave a little too soon.

    >As for you jagoffs posting about hats on my threads when I am trying to make an announcement about a publication


    >“Reading my work causes AIDS”

    >a guy plunging another guy in the ass or woman eating out another woman.

    >I am not speaking disrespectfully of the GLBT community when I make this post about my company, Lake Fossil Press, I had a few sneak into the anthologies and I find out about it later after the book get published. I think, damn then move on to the next publication. (lol hahaha)

  21. From Angry’s page where Angry created a blog to ask Nicky why he thinks people burning his books is censorship

    “You are not in charge of Lake Fossil Press. You never were. I never sold the company and you don’t have the e-mails to the magazine or the company’s e-mail passwords. Those books aren’t faux, they’re print on demands but they aren’t faux. You hide behind a fake name and a fake e-mail, you don’t even live in Morris. You’re just a faceless coward who likes to approach me like I am a second class citizen. You started this war and I made it clear I am the owner of the imprint. I have the GLS and everything planned and one thing you have to understand, I reported your Deviantart.com account for abuse and harassment. You turned several planned titles into personal attacks against my family you sack of fale. I am not the former editor in chief, I AM THE EDITOR, and I know what goes in and out of the imprint. Leave my company alone motherfucker.

    I got nothing to explain, why should I have to explain that I own the company and never sold it. So I want to ask you how the hell do you claim that you “own” a company you never created. The covers — those are bogus, you’re trying to destroy the Gothic undercurrents of the magazine and trying to make my anthology look like the box of fucking tampons. Stop hiding behind fake name you book burning pussy. Produce a real snail mail address if you’re in Morris. I can produce a snail mail address for Joliet within the next two months for Lake Fossil Press to handle the local submissions. You’re not going to fool the roster of Lake Fossil Press who’s been with the roster from the beginning. I will have a unified domain for all the imprints I own. I WILL NOT change my company name because some faceless terrorist is trying to make a Goddamn parody of my publishing compay. “

    • “fale” Ladies and gentlemen, Nickolaus Pacione!


      ” Delete Comment I never pocketed any of the money from Quakes and Storms, some dumbass bought an e-book and torrented the fucking thing. My books are real because I do produce hardcover. I would rather work with print on demand because it gives me full creative control. Let me ask this, if you really live in Morass, why don’t you produce a snail mail address to really prove you live there. I can produce a P.O. Box for Joliet in a matter of a month or two to handle the real Lake Fossil Press. The person who hosted Quakes and Storms (the version you torched,) handled the donations for me because she donates her own royalties for her titles to charities and knew what she was doing. When I sell copies of Tabloid Purposes IV they go right back into Lake Fossil Press — if I hosted Quakes and Storms on Lake Fossil Press itself the donations won’t get to where they need to go because of all the money from the other publications go into review copies for the magazines ans such. So how the fuck can you call Tabloid Purposes IV a faux book you fucking 9/11 terrorist. “

    • “Comment So tell me — who the fuck died and made you God? Lying to everyone on every damn website saying that you’re the “new” editor in chief when I never sold the company for a grand. Where did you get that story from pussy, the fact I sent you a bill because you were “reviewing” a previously unreleased story that’s not even done yet. How did you get the story “Witch’s Party” when the editors of the magazine never leaked it you coward. You want to put me on trial you faceless son of a bitch, well I don’t hide behind fake names or fake pictures. I am giving you a chance to say it all to my face and show your real face dirtbag. “

    • Move your fingers a liiiitle closer together Rusty.

      When he sees his VF comments area, that’s how close he’ll be to leak tiem!

    • “I can produce a snail mail address for Joliet within the next two months for Lake Fossil Press to handle the local submissions.”

      Cost to rent a Post Office Box for 6 months, $22.

      Cost of gas for me to drive to and from Joliet, $10.

      Nikki meltdown factor when he realizes someone else beat him to the punch on having a Joliet mailing address for Lake Fossil Press, priceless!

      Oooooohhhh, I’m so very tempted!

    • Cost of ticket for driving without a license = ??

      Cost of court fees (’cause you know he’ll contest the ticket, lose, and have to pay those as well) = ???

      He’ll have to add another PayPal “donate” button to all his free websites

    • @sabledrake Bwahahahaha!
      Salt lick of lithium, indeed. As this rate I think Nick needs a long lie in a padded room, strapped into some snuggly vanilla canvas with so many tightly drawn, shiney buckles AND some steady thorozine injections.

  22. “At 9:37pm on June 23, 2010, Nickolaus Pacione said…
    You can shove your veteran status and faux hero crap up your ass for the mental health card. You don’t have the stones to say half the shit to my face because you like to hide behind a FAKE picture.”

    “At 5:21pm on June 23, 2010, Nickolaus Pacione said…
    Fuck you AngryInIllinois, those are real books and I’m the publisher behind Lake Fossil Press and I will NEVER publish gay erotica or any kind of erotica you sad faceless sack of shit. I published legit authors on the magazine and legit authors on the anthology.”

    lol anger.

    And look at his profile at VF. It’s hawt

  23. I can’t keep up. He’s now over here

    “Picking on my mental health, go fuck yourself lowlife. You’re clearly the somethingawful.com goon and you twist around my words because you KNOW that I am telling the truth. Fuck your professionalism and you don’t have the stones to say half what you’re saying here to my face and you hide behind a chocolate milk picture and a burning book. Yeah you’re talking out both sides of your mouth. You fucks on SomethingAwful.com can’t leave me be, and you’re busy giving DJ Pathogen a rim job. ”

    And for once saying something new (about his health) he must be mad when he posts original content

    “Spirit exchange? Oh bullshit asshole, the fact you schmucks stole from me a good number of times including offering pirated copies of my memoir on your fuckbuddies blog along with posting my family’s private information. My health — who motherfucking cares because I am already under a doctors care, but the fact you assholes go around marketing the lie that I “sold” Lake Fossil Press, that is a huge lie and everyone who worked with me knows it. You pricks aren’t fooling anyone with your hijacking of threads and turning them into topics about hats, that’s a fucking troll tatic you fucking faceless pussy. Take your false “Yours In Christ” crap and shove it up your ass because you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. The way I make my statements you act like I punched Christ because of my harsh statements and strong rules about my publishing company. You assholes came here picking a fight, and I will be back on a forum in a day but you created more than one handle to clearly FUCK with me. So you want to take your false concern and shove it up your ass.”

    • Yes, it must be the goddamn liar site that makes it hard for him to get a girlfriend. It can’t be the total disregard for personal hygiene, complete absence of social skills or grace, or anything else that makes it hard for Nicky to find a girl.

      Oh, that, and the deeply closeted thing. Can’t forget that, yo.


    That would make me laugh so hard, seeing LFP getting pulled out from under him.

    Know what would be even funnier? Make it into something that actually makes money, actually has a good reputation, and that people like.

    That would cause his head to explode when other people started reviewing his work saying “How dare you steal the name of Lake Fossil Press and publish this crap? LFP is a quality magazine, where your crap is not!”

    That would absolutely fucking great.

    • “They’re real, flesh and blood books”

      If it bleeds, we can kill it.

      I think that a tastefully done book of male nudes wearing hats would be just lovely.

    • Baup he sure left some gems on yours!

      ” I am not or ever will be gay, you pigfucker. The fact you fucks pimp around that goddamn liar site about me trying to make it hard for me to get a girlfriend. The very fact you losers got in touch with my e-wife to be to get the dirt about me, how the fuck do you know about the false child abuse accusations. You hide behind Christianity to make me look like a criminal. The fact I tell the truth about certain lifestyles and it might come off as offensive to some, but at least I stay true to what I say. I never stepped down from my publishing company and I want to know from the pussy named AngryInIllinois, who the fuck told you that I “stepped” down?

      Chocolate Milk, more like you spilled my Black Label Whiskey, MGD, and Snake Bite. What the fuck do you have me figured for — a goddamn sissy? Your faux professionalism makes me vomit, because the very way you act on another website is less than this but resort to insults and flames about hats and hijacking threads where I do a clinic about running a small press. You faceless assholes claim that I “stepped down” but I never stepped down from a company that’s my brainchild and something I created from the ground up.

      I’ve seen the threats of hostile takeover and the theft of my intellectual properties by your Scottish fuckbuddy, and the fact your asshole friend from Finland is behind the fake domain of my magazine and writing stories as my grandmother. If you harbor that then I punch you in the face and say fuck your service because you are disgrace of the military. As much as I have respect for veterans, you are proving yourself as a cocksucking amoral douchebag. “

    • I figured I’d go for something tame and juvenile hence the chocolate milk reference. Obviously it doesn’t take much for him to fly off the handle at innocuous things.

      The Yours in Christ is just the cherry on top.

  25. OMG he actually…

    “Nickolaus Pacione Comment by Nickolaus Pacione 22 minutes ago
    Hey FUCKSTAIN — no one sent the story out there and you poofters had no right to be distributing a story that was just accepted for a magazine! You fucking pieces of shit and fucking hypocrites — what right do you fucks have to distribute Witch’s Party? ”

    Put on your hats folks, there is going to be a shit sprinkler turned on, and the hose is about to be let go of after being crinked for about an hour…

  26. He doesn’t have any respect for veterans for one simple reason: He’s immensely jealous that they were able to do something that he was too big of a pussy to do.

    And his “e-wife”? Does that mean he’s trying to lure a woman into becoming his internet wife?

    I’m pretty sure that his nasty stench would even attach itself to emails, so she’d be warned off pretty quickly.

  27. OH, where’s baupdeath’s blog page where he’s leaving these.

    I wanna kick him a few times and see how much grease flies out of his hair!

  28. Lordy … I look away for a day or two …

    Definite use for those new untapped lodes of lithium they just discovered. Someone needs him a lithium salt lick the size of a minivan.

    • Damn it wrong section!

      @sabledrake Bwahahahaha!
      Salt lick of lithium, indeed. As this rate I think Nick needs a long lie in a padded room, strapped into some snuggly vanilla canvas with so many tightly drawn, shiney buckles AND some steady thorozine injections.

  29. His VF suspension has been lifted but he hasn’t been on there yet. I know this not because it says that at the top, but because the gay shoops and text in his comments section are still there.

    Combine that with him being enraged that Witch’s Party is being read by all the trolls and you have a “perfect storm”.

    And he will ride that thorm.

    • I’ve read boring shit of his but this one reaches new lows in boredom. Seriously? Most of it is about him. Anyone that wants to read this knows not what they are asking.

      Every paragraph contains some sort of shill, mostly for himself. When the witches are dinking with the ouija board (which is used to contact the spirits of the dead) he actually writes
      “So I just sat there silently and observed as they moved the white eye across the board, almost if they were trying to make contact with someone that night.”


      I don’t know what shocks me more: That he submitted this to multiple publications, thinking it was usable, or that those other dumb crackers (don’t give me that youth shit) actually claim to have liked it.

    • Man that’s got to be the most boring Witch’s Party ever, it sounds even worse than I thought and I just assumed he was blathering on about his room-mate again.

      If they honestly felt that it was among the best they received then I want to see the ones they rejected.

    • He’s also enraged, but willing to explain the finer points of his life. Sorta.

      “Hey shitraper, I don’t really drink that much when I do drink. Really, all I have is one bottle of MGD or a shot of whiskey, sometimes a couple glasses of Snakebite when I am reading at Twilight Tales to loosen me up when I read untested materail anywhere. Rob, shut the motherfucking hell up with your faux concerns and facade of professionalism. The fact you and your SomethingAwufl.com friend came here starting a fight. I will have a shot of Black Label when I am at The Exit or a shot of Jack. I am not an alcoholic as you jackholes try to portray me out to be, besides I am in complete control when I do drink and I hardly drink when I do. I just like my tastes in strong liquor and domestic beer. Just because I am medication I am supposed to be a complete pussy. My hard drinking days are behind me, but I am not supposed to have the occasional beer to celebrate a publication or two. The fact your little documentor friend got it all wrong with the videos, I took that video of the ambulance because I never saw it so close to the hostel I stayed at during that New Years. The fucking shit thing about it that some of you impersonated me as LakeFoss1l, trying to portray me as a cocksucker type promoter that promotes pussy bands and fudgepacker pop acts.

      AngryInIllinois, I go out by myself when I want to. I am a grown man and not a kid. I don’t know where you fucking get your information from cockraper, but you think I don’t have any freedom. Well I have the freedom to come and go as I please when I please. Actually the decade thing is a little off t here, the last girlfriend I had was when I was living at the apartment and that was a mutual break up because I didn’t want to be caught up in her pot smoking and alcohol drenched world. She drank regulary and got high on a regular basis, it wasn’t good for a creative environment for me. I never been arrested when I got out, but I get detained because I look suspicious wearing black and having long hair.

      That happened when I was on vacation in Springfield, Illinois, when I was staying with a local lady willing to rent out her living room for me to sleep. It was a good arrangement because hotels were about $140.00 a night down there and being on fixed income, I have some freedom but I can’t drive. The reason I moved to the apartment is because I was able to get around but the ex-room mate didn’t work a day since I moved there so I was left paying her bills on top of my own expenses (this is why I switched to being a 4theluv for a year and made Tabloid Purposes 3 a contest anthology with a high payout of $45.00 for the lead story, then second prize was $24.00 and third was $18.00. Before I lived on my own I was paying $40.00 for stories on some accounts. The minimum payment for short stories in the magazine back then were $8.00 because I was running it out of my own pocket.)

      I am perfectly able and capable of running Lake Fossil Press myself and will not be taking anyone as co-editor on the magazine the flagship anthologies anytime soon. Rob — take my words as a fist that is shoved up your ass and flips you off from the inside. You’re false Love of Christ pisses me off. Some of you respond like I drove nails in M. Shepard’s hands like he was some kind of damned Messiah. You’re saying that my doctor is a fucking drug dealer in the back of a dumpster — what the fuck do you have me figured for asshole? Now I know you and your SomethingAwful.com goons are coming up here causing trouble for me, and causing shit on another social networking site with your FUCKING HATS thing when I post. I am not the one trolling here you motherfucking whores, you fucks came here to troll me like assholes — then starting a thread that says “AVOID LAKE FOSSIL PRESS and NICKOLAUS PACIONE”: then coming on with faux professionalism to defend your stance. I should rip your fuckiing balls off and shove them down your throat, motherfucker. Then you fucks posting “poems” with my titles and themes making fun of them on the forum saying you have no knowledge that they were from my stories when I knew where they came from.

      You came here to put me on trial and I will not let that shit happen you fucking faceless whore.

    • Yep he’s rampaging. Just hit Jenny’s page

      ” Keep running your mouth and promoting your :FAKE incarnnations and stolen concepts you faceless cunt. The fact I am selling work should be a testament of how my work is doing — the fact you and your “friends” tried harassing the magazine with the bullshit website Encyclopedia Dramatica like it’s some kind of motherfucking gospel truth about me. I am nasty because I deal with /4chan/ and /b/ type cunts all fucking day for 13 years, I’ve seen your kind come and go.

      The fact you were asking for a pirated copy of my novella that sold to a publisher, then you go around blackmailing me for a master copy of Tabloid Purposes 2 then you call your bullshit books GEMINI when I already have the books planned out and the concepts ready for the submission process.

      You came to Writersforum.com along with some bitch that started the original Avoid Lake Fossil Press thread, you were waiting for the right time to FUCK me over on a few sales of my anthologies and promote your SHIT book like it’s the real Tabloid Purposes. Then stealing my characters and doing them as thinly veiled parody. That makes you a FUCKING lowlife.

      Then you and your shitty friends started doing that shit on VampireFreaks.com, and what makes me even more PISSED is that you tried to buddy up to my ex-fiancee to get dirt about me. You ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT DOMAIN BITCH! I already know that’s a fake picture, and you can’t come up with anything that’s remotely yours and get it published so you FUCK with someone 10 years younger than you are like some kind of CUNT.”

    • The discussion on agents is actually pretty interesting, aside from all the NP shouting, anyway. As much as I try, I keep winding up with agent-fail and end up selling my work myself. I would love to know what the secret to a good author/agent relationship is, I really would.

  30. I love the war of logic vs frustrated rage.
    Reasonable questions asked by Angry, never answered.
    When he goes nuts that his story has leaked, Ant points out that there’s only two ways it could have been leaked.

    Personally, having read all those exchanges, I just feel the need to drink lots of chocolate milk and wear various hats.

  31. Karen, in the states they’re called Cocoa Krispies and are produced by Kellogs, the UK just loves the name Coco Pops. It isn’t the best chocolate milk I’ve ever tasted but it is quite nice, especially after you finish eating the cereal and you down the leftover milk.

  32. From the “made the shortlist” thread on VF.

    “Made graphics for the story and gateway graphic, I guess you didn’t see the full version and that’s only between me and the magazine that accepted the story. I sent an html tutorial to the editors because they are employing wordpress for the layout of the magazine in terms of the format. I gave them .html and .txt versions of the tutorial. One of the editor’s commented on the story in my facebook profile saying she wished her halloween parties were that disturbing..
    A few of my alumni on The Ethereal Gazette are published on Withersin’s final print issue before it goes into a yearly anthology book and e-zine in parts. I am going to ignore the trolls little comment here because she was bragging about reading pirated stories on another website I post blogs to from time to time and they started the crap up there the moment the thread here got locked. ”

    Yeah, that magazine is going to look like crap isn’t it? I hope someone grabs a copy of the inaugural issue for a detailed review.

    • “One of the editor’s commented on the story in my facebook profile saying she wished her halloween parties were that disturbing..”

      I take it she spends her October 31sts at retirement homes? NOTHING HAPPENS IN THAT STORY OMG!! He watches some goth chicks play with a Ouija board, that’s IT! He mentions that he’s sure they are opening the gates of Hell but he won’t stop the world from ending because he’s a guest there, which is awfully nice of him.

  33. From the Literature board: “JAWS by the late Peter Benchley. I read the book originally when my mother and step-father first got married and was sitting in the step-grandparents TV room in the basement. They have the 1974-1975 edition of the book, the cover had a naked woman swimming while the shark’s head was pointing up at her. The scenes in the book were a little more trashy than in the movie.”

    In the basement, eh? Nicky’s sure moved up in the world… OH… WAIT… lol

    • They don’t like links in that forum, I actually expect Nicky to be told off for posting a link to one of the stories since one of the moderators already mentioned banning him from it if he kept posting stuff that wasn’t prose or poetry.

      Otherwise as long as it isn’t too obviously taking the mickey or breaking any of the other rules you might be ok.


    • Lewis, I think they’d figure out pretty quickly that it was aimed at Nicky. I think WithTeeth had the right idea. Post something that subtly references Nicky’s works or pushes his buttons. Bring popcorn. Be polite.

    • He’s already got one of the moderators watching the thread. I can understand people being sick of the drama but I still hope one or two of the regulars will give him some genuine criticism.

      Oh and WithTeeth’s account was deleted due to multiple accounts.

    • Nobody’s going to reply to that thread, then Nicky will wonder why nobody’s praising him. Then he’ll think Tore’s his new best friend.

      For mods who claim they don’t want drama, they sure like to issue a bunch of threats warnings to nobody in particular.

    • Tempted to start, however not worth the ban yet. Although his second story is worth a parody rewrite. I’ll start that today!

      LFP may be getting a second submission from me soon!

    • So that’s the famous FUCKBEATER. Wow. Does Nicky really think that’s what an actual workplace is like, complete with firearms and baseball bats and machetes? Does he really imagine any boss wouldn’t have fired his ass post haste before the first paragraph was finished? Again, wow.

      “I can smell you, I can smell the sweat off your eyes.


  34. From the shortlist thread at VF:

    Who invited the trolls? This is for promoting, not starting arguments so if you’re going to post off topic crap go to The Loungue or Random Thoughts Forums. I don’t know the full details when Witch’s Party will be live on the magazine, but one of the people who is minioned by me on this website is the editor-in-chief of The Dark Fiction Spotlight, and the team behind the magazine also runs Lady Luck Publishing.
    The editor and I were published on an anthology called Darkened Horizons. I was in the third book and he was in two after me.

    So, that’s how the Nitwit got to know Nikita.


    So much laughing and giggling and nitwittery has blown one of my gaskets…
    I’m gonna send each one of you a paypal invoice for the damage ya’ll have caused me!!! elventy!

    • Hehe! I know! His new Tard Rage trigger phrase alone is worth the price of admission.

      EON: Chocolate milk!
      Nicky: RAWR! I KEEL YOU! *froth rant flail*

  36. “I am giving you the middle finger pal, My words stick a fist up your ass and flip you off from the inside. You hide behind the faux Christianity to show your true nature and that’s a SomethingAwful.com Goon. Yeah send in the pigs so they can be cast off the sea. ”

    >”stick a fist up your ass and flip you off from the inside.”

    …I remember a time where I snickered at things he would say in anger that could be construed as gay, but now that he’s really blatant about it, I dunno what to think. Yesterday he was talking about ripping someone’s balls off (which would entail grabbing them with his hands) and I don’t remember which comments section here we saved it in, but last week or so I could have sworn he talked about ripping someone’s balls off with his mouth.

    I mean, it used to be a challenge to find the closeted remarks made by him, now it’s just business as usual when he breaks out teh gheyz…

    • Isn’t it rich?
      Am I a fool?
      Spewing obscenities, slurs, and flecks of drool?
      But where are the pigs?
      Send in the pigs

      Aren’t my works farce?
      Good for a laugh?
      I started writing a sentence but only typed half
      But where are the pigs?
      Send in the pigs.

      (Apologies to Stephen Sondheim, an artistic genius and openly gay man–just two of the qualities Nikki doesn’t share.)

  37. I don’t think Nikki understands scripture. No pigs were cast into the sea by Christians. When Jesus drove a mass of demons out of a possessed man, they went to a herd of pigs which then ran into the sea and drowned. Thus, Nikki’s statement makes zero sense. Then again, that’s business as usual for him.

    • It’s Nicky. All he knows about the Bible is that he thinks he can use it against gays and there is only ONE commandant (thou shall not steal) that he only shows interest in when he complains about his work being stolen, because he actually thinks trolls pirate his work because they want to read it.

      “Status: Creating graphics for the new magazine — helping the staff out with HTML tutorials. ”

      Normally I’d say “You’d have to be crazy to accept anything made by Nicky, especially graphics and html which he ‘fales’ at so badly” but sadly, I’m sure they will. They’ll see his unreadable banners, horrible covers, and how he converts walls of text into images and calls that web coding, and they’ll gladly let him do the same for them.

    • I honestly took it as a threat towards law enforcement responders. I’m going to reread that again just to make sure.

    • Daggy is back on SL

      ” Where can I donate 200 paperback genre books?
      Lead [-]


      Posts: 3337

      (06/24/10 13:57:01)

      Veteran Shockliner

      * Reply
      * Quote
      o My Recent Posts

      I’d rather NOT let go of this stuff… but since I’m divorced now, I have no choice.

      I have roughly 200 Science Fiction and Fantasy Paperbacks from the 1970s and 1980s in Excellent, Nr-Mint, and even a few in Mint condition. Does anybody here know any libraries or organizations where I can send them off to. They are very rare books. You can’t get them anymore, unless you go to places like Abe Books, and I’d hate to see them go in the garbage when they deserve to be owned or read.

      Thank you,

      Lawrence Dagstine
      Contact: LDAGSTINE – [AT] – GMAIL.DOTCOM”

      Couldn’t just ask where to donate them, had to mention the divorce. I smell an attempt at a lead-in to complain about it.

  38. Latest facebook updates, some of these are delayed:

    Peaches: Ethereal Gazette Issue 9, Alumni Robert Essig made it in Withersin Magazine with “Travis Imaginings” — this marks the eight Lake Fossil Press alumni to be in a Withersin! Go Robert. Withersin is hard to believe a real contender now and I am hoping to get my kid sister on one of their publications.

    I will be acti…ng as my younger sister’s literary guardian in the industry especially since a lot of horror community is adding the controversial writer’s kid sister. “Witch’s Party” didn’t make the cut this time around — oh well they told me try again with another story when their window opens again.

    I will promote the roster hard (though I don’t have the flesh and bloods of Issue 9. I release Issue 10 back to back and I am pushing 10 hard because of Carol’s movie along with Nick Medina and the other guys on the roster. I am excited to see another from the Gazette return for Issue 11 from Issue 7. )

    And from yesterday:

    Sucker 1 Ah, thank you for the clarification. What’s the name of the magazine if you don’t mind me asking? And congrats on being published. But weren’t you published before?

    I’ll try to touch base with you in a couple of weeks for that shoot. I have to go to Houston and Phoenix for business for a couple of weeks. I think I’m back in the middle of July

    The final pub date will be September sometime and I want to give the novella I am writing an even scarier touch by creating the photos for the rival magazines in the story. One magazine, “SINNER’S DANCE” they have their contributors die off, and the other magazine “IN THE DEPTHS” writes about their grisley deaths. the other magazine they’re literary vultures picking the meat off the bones. I am trying to track down a Grim Reaper’s Blade for the character’s mag.

    • >”I will be acti…ng as my younger sister’s literary guardian in the industry”

      I never doubted Janrae’s assessment that his mom is mean and crazy and a bad parent, but WTF?! She knows her son is universally mocked and hated for his writing, yet she’s going to let him taint her YOUNG daughter too? As if we didn’t need anymore proof he tries to exploit the young..

      >”“Witch’s Party” didn’t make the cut this time around — oh well they told me try again with another story when their window opens again.

      Wait, what? So he’s not going to be in that magazine after all, or is that some other pub?

    • “This sounds wrong….. ” – Poor Nicky’s response to having to see his mother’s porn star name (Woofie Rosedale)

    • This is from that author he tried ducking on payments a couple of weeks ago.

      Hi Nick..any chance I could see a pdf copy of issue 9 as I wont be getting an issue in the post and dont want to miss out on all the great stories etc.. thanks Teresa…

    • He’s back to ducking payments? I thought he was sticking to “4theselfpromotingofNickytobands” projects so he didn’t have to pay anything?

      Oh yeah Baud email me al_kilyu (@T) yahoo (DAWT) com

    • I wonder if the stuff he’s giving away is the same crap that not even his local library branches will take to put on the book swap racks.

    • “The thing with most New York public libraries these days is that a) they won’t accept donations unless they’re hardcover or they can put a card in the inner flap big enough. b) they no longer stock self-author books and always gave me an attitude when it came to donations. Sort of like… They didn’t want to be “bothered.” c) they’ll only take DVDs (rather than VHS), at least in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and they inspect the quality too.”

      Well, on matters B & C, all I have to say is “Duh!” and “Duh!”

    • “all I ask is that you join and subscribe to my Networked Blog”

      How sad.

      btw I sure hope trolling trolls are smart enough not to join just to screw with him…because he likes to collect personal info on people to stalk and blackmail them with.

      As a matter of fact I bet that’s what that is. That, or it’s one of those things where after a breakup, at least one of the two exs try to gather as many friends as they can to show they are loved by many, etc. You’d think that sort of thing ends after highschool but my ex tried something like that…until I not only deleted her but made it so I couldn’t even see comments she left on other peoples’ pages.

  39. You know what would not suck? If someone provided Jenny’s entire “Warning: Avoid Lake Fossil” post from Writerface.com, and placed it on writerscafe.org

    It would jive nicely with my current project.

  40. On snap, I think that abnsgt guy is going to meet the great ban hammer in the sky


    and if it gets baleeted here is the text:

    Why the double standards lakefossil?
    June 25, 2010, 12:00am


    I post on one comment not even related to you, and have you start-up with the bullshit drama, homophobic comments, and have the balls to block me from responding on your page. Although you can repeatedly come back to my wall and do whatever the hell you want like you have double jeopardy immunity?

    If this isn’t enough, internet toughguy here decides to start sending the private inboxes, and again has conveniently blocked me preventing any type of response, no doubt whining to the mod team the same time about being picked on.

    This is the exact same thing this fucking douche bag did on shocklines, and its allowed because he has been there since the beginning. Just because this dumbass has a premium account here, he can get away with whatever he wants?

    I know it’s against TOS to criticize the board/mods or whatever, but come on, why should I want to go premium or stick around if it is the same asshole is playing his same games and getting away from it.

    And to answer your question lakefossil, yes I am from Illinois, I live in Bolingbrook. Have your mod friend check the ip on my posts, the provider is Wide Open West.

    • Bolingbrook?!

      Bwhahahaha! Wow, this guy lives only 35 miles from Nikki-poo! Don’t taunt him too much Nikki, he’s right down the road from you. Awesome.

    • I wonder how Nicky, with no transportation, manages to go to those ultra-secret clandestine meetings where he receives the holy words of Lloyd from Kelly to publish in his anthos?

    • No wonder Nikita loves that place. The mods/admins are as short tempered and juvenile as he is. It’s like a junior high school version of his formerly beloved Livejournal, with funky makeup.

    • “where he receives the holy words of Lloyd”

      I’m still lol’ing hard XD

      While Nicky was doing wehatepacione and absolutely no one on that board was buying it was anyone other than him, he was still telling Mina in a chat that he was “mindfucking” us. I don’t know if he was trying to save face and act to her like his plan was working when he knew it wasn’t, or if he really thought we were falling for that.

  41. Well, I’m back on vf, the Nickster left me a nice comment calling me a Nazi asshole. So of course I uploaded chocolate milk.

  42. Somebody get a screen shot of that thread at VF! GhostTornado’s icon is Nicky’s pool picture. Let’s see how Nicky reacts.

    • I almost spat out my chocolate milk when I saw that 😉

      Also widdle Nicky is overreacting, they provided reasonable criticism to the story. If the mods decide that’s trolling then they’ve clearly got as poor a grasp of what critiquing a story involves as Nicky.

    • Ghost should make it so that when he posts in the message board it shows that pic as his avatar.

      If Nicky knows that he can’t leave comments on his page he may not even visit there.

  43. Rusty: I have it on good authority that “Ghost Tornado” preemptively blocked Nicky so that Nicky wouldn’t be able to do that.

    • But Nicky did just leave a little gem on C_Mac’s profile just a few minutes ago:

      “I’ve done a hell of a lot better than the story I tossed up. I actually been published a few times over. The better story is the PDF called FUCKBEATER.”

      Damn, I may just have to clean up “Eggbeater” and send if off to the new Lake Fossil Press.

    • That’s the only way to go about it, PG. Besides, it really pisses him off when he discovers he’s been blocked before he can leave a turd. Hell, I blocked him weeks ago.

    • Angry has my first work ever entitled Chastity Belt, currently working on a second submission called Cemetery Road.

    • Someone with a better knowledge of Jesus’s life and ministry than I do could write an entertainingly blasphemous satire using the Jesus Freak title, which Nicky ripped from another song. In it Jesus and his disciples could be stars of a carnival freak show, if anyone goes with that then please throw in a reference to Allo Allo and have his mother be Mary, the Bearded Madonna with the big boobies.

  44. Anyone read Nicky’s VF profile closely? For his ‘Dislikes’ he lists all the usual stand-bys: Poppy Brite, Brian Keene, gay people, Liberals, etc. But he also lists, quote: “Being Dropped while Crowd Surfing”

    There has to be a story there…

    • I’ve been dropped while crowd surfing, on my head even. In fact there’s an animated gif of it happening! Generally it’s not a hard fall like you think because in most cases someone is holding on to some part of your body, like your legs or feet or something, so it isn’t usually a straight down smack.

      Although I can see a group completely letting go of him to make that happen.

  45. This thread cracks me up
    That guy started his model search around the same time Nicky did on VF in the Illinois cult and other places.

    Nicky posts in there
    “Hey man join the club and wait in line — I am trying to get some models for my magazine and for the novella I am doing (need a model to play the model in the fictional magazine’s cover)”

    Then right after, OP announces that they had an overwhelming turn out, so much so they had to turn chicks away.

    And yet poor Nicky remains model-less…

    • We all know that there’s only one model Nicky really wants, his chrome domed lover from Finland… You should send him a suitable photo of you, Autoaim, preferably holding a scythe, or as Nicky calls it, “a grim reaper blade”.

    • and he’s gone!

      Reason for Deletion: Troll. FFS just fuck LAKEFOSSIL in the ass already and move on. Clearly you’re gay for him.

    • The only explanation for why the mods haven’t already gotten sick of Nikita’s whiny ass is that there are so many of them. He must whine to a different mod each time.

    • That’s odd though. If Nicky saw a picture of himself from many years ago that he himself didn’t upload, wouldn’t he be freaking the fuck out by now on one of his blogs?

    • Nicky can’t go a minute without talking about himself. In “What are you reading?” threads like that, it always has to be something of his or tied to him, and in the “What are you listening to?” threads it always has to be some band he knows personally.

      He doesn’t have friends (and will never have a woman) because he never ever stops talking about himself and his life.

    • The forums on there are great btw. Everyone has to have a 720dpi animated gif of the first fifteen minutes of their favorite movie. *eyeroll*

    • I just saw that hahaha

      Look at Stephen’s page (or where it was anyway)

      Reason for Deletion: fake account .. fyi offering your pw to others for prank purposes is lame”

      ??? I am confused. Who would have flagged it as fake in the first place? Nicky?

  46. This is getting good. If I didn’t already have tears in my eyes from mincing serranos and cayennes, I’d have them from laughing. At least my abs are getting a workout.

    • PG you beautiful bastid you!


      ” Three words pal — GO FUCK YOURSELF. I already know you’re a trouble maker by the gallery you have on your vampirefreaks.com profile. Saying that I need to explain myself when you fucks put me and my publishing company on trial on a site that I called home since April, and you’re doing this just to prove me to be a thought criminal. The fact you did something about the tin foil hat myth and all that shit; the fact you’re pulling out the faux Chrisitianity sickens me to the core. The fact you’re expecting me to explain my actions — I got nothing to explain.”

    • Recruited By: LAKEFOSSIL

      About Me
      Editor at Lake Fossil Press

      Ray Garton

      Tabloid Purposes

      Favorite Music

      “Funny I never recruited you.”

      I’m getting tired of him starting everything with “Funny, I never…” >:(

    • Wow, I take my wife for for a nice dinner and pickles starts up again. Great.

      Also I got this when signing into vf

      Your ip address xx.xx.xxx.xx3 is being logged.

    • I would expect the forum software to log IPs, anyway. Have you ever seen it actually tell you it’s logging your every page load before? Maybe they’re paying special attention to you after Peaches complained, to see whether you’re the one setting up all the accounts to play with Nicky.

    • No it started today after I was following around and commenting after him on various posts.

      I figured it had to do with my grounding. Eh whatever, they haven’t zapped it yet.

  47. He’s leaving more replies by the minute Al.

    “I didn’t invite you asshole. So kindly lose the pictures as I am reporting you for being an impersonator.”

    “You are not me — and you didn’t take over Lake Fossil Press. Saying you dislike Tabloid Purposes, how could you hate those books if you assume the role that I am the sole owner of. You are here to create drama and I will stop you every step of the way.”

    • Instead of saying “This isn’t me” or “I didn’t create this account” he always does the “You are not me” like the alt is going to go “Wait…I’m not you am I? You’re right! My apologies I, I thought I was you!”


    • Mullet_In_Illinois is still on there and hasn’t been banned yet. Either
      a) Admins haven’t seen Nicky’s complaint yet, which is probably the 20th one they’ve gotten from him today
      b) They don’t see the point in banning again since it’s obvious he’ll return with another account and name within minutes like the many times before

    • Nope. It’s gone.

      Reason for Deletion: Fake of LAKEFOSSIL; Come on guys, this is getting old.

      Why do I have the feeling this is just getting started?

    • This is what it says for FFS:

      Reason for Deletion: Fuck off already. LAKEFOSSIL doesn’t want your penis, take a hint.

      They’re mighty polite, eh?

  48. Quick who has or is good with photoshop? I need someone to borrow the tinfoil top hat on my vf page, and either add a ‘scary Goth’ type haunted house, or have it flying through space with lens flare out the wazzo…

    If you can email me back at baupader the great (fAT) gmail (dawt) com, or same at yahoo dawt com

    • Sent you both, I didn’t really need to add any more lensflare to the space one, since I figured you wanted some kind of hyperspace effect and the Google image search turned up a nice shiny image. It was baupader the great with no spaces right?

    • Probably only the ones the mods targeted for responding to Nicky at all. As we know, the mods wiped out at least one legitimate account after going on a wild goose chase.

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