Answering Machine Love from Peaches

Oh, lord.  Anyone who leaves messages on an answering machine is well aware they are being recorded, because, well, that’s what answering machines do.  Here’s the intro that accompanies it:
After getting the number to my company, Nicky continues to leave unpleasant messages (even after me asking him numerous times to stop calling via email) and his phone harassment peaks with him threatening my life, breaking the law. He has always threatened my life over the internet, but this was the first time he did so over the phone, and certainly not the last…

15 thoughts on “Answering Machine Love from Peaches

    • When did he claim that? I don’t doubt you I just am in shock at the audacity him and Dagstine have when they lie online about crap they’ve done when you can find evidence that says otherwise.

      Nicky? Most of us here have the voice mails he was leaving folks after he got their number from the HWA directory. He was calling them at home. I never heard them but Janrae says he would continue to call her house after she kept asking him to stop, and I believe her and that he would do that.

      The other day Dagstine, in the comments section of Rusty’s blog, denied ever stalking her even though a few years ago he admitted he could no longer stand her anymore and drove multiple states to watch her come in and out of her home… and he did it in the comments section of Rusty’s blog!

      I’m sure his thinking was that he had made his family and friend aware of this place and knew they were watching here, and thought he could deny it in order to make himself look more pitiful and victimized to them. However since he’s a Nitwit and apparently lacks the ability to think things through, he forgot that one could simply link the visitors here to the day he admitted stalking her.

    • He has countless times stated the people were calling his house and that it was wrong because of his ailing grandparents.

      The fact that he was harassing people’s parents, wives, and children over the phone from day one never entered his mind.

  1. He sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks imitating Joe Pesci.

    Angry, a) you are awesome, and sorry that Peaches is harassing you; b) it’s “editor IN chief” not “editor AND chief.”

  2. I’m going to go to the press…
    Next second:
    I’m going to shoot you in the head.

    Nice one!

    Also got to love:
    I also think those covers are bogus. Not LP Campbell on the cover. I know Lloyd he would never do something like that.

    Nicky is saying that does look like Lloyd. I mean if that was some other bloke, you’d say so right?
    Yep, has to be Lloyd.

    • Maybe he meant he was going to the press so they could be there to film him do the shooting. Nothing like providing the state with all the evidence it needs for a first degree murder conviction. Only Nicky would be so thoughtful and considerate of the DA.

  3. If anyone from the press ever contacts you share the lovely voicemails from Nicky and finish destroying what’s left of his credibility? Or hell take them to the police for shits and giggles when nicky throws a fit over them showing up at the door.

  4. Rusty here is that same video on YouTube. If you want to embed that’s fine, I’m not worried about hits to my account.

    Regarding the calls… At the end of the first call, right before he says “motherfucker” his voice trails off and he sounds like he’s gritting his teeth. When I first heard that, it sounded to me like someone in his family walked in or near and he was trying to hide the type of call he was leaving from them.

    This was later confirmed when I discovered that he was calling from his family’s phone, not his own, and I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy to hear him using their third phone line to harass and threaten people. Again.

  5. get me the best links to show he’s been stalking authors for a long time and multiples. I think I know someone that might pick it up as a story if linked to it. they like to do bits on the internet. also anything of others stalking authors on the net would help make it “this is a new phenomenon” which is good for news.

  6. Ooooh! He used CAPICHE!

    We better watch out, or the bad-writing mafia will come to get us, shooting us their synonyms and antonyms and anthologies.

    Or maybe not.

    • I merely posted these, courtesy of the person whose answering machine taped them.

      I don’t doubt for a second that Nicky would call me to scream about something or other, if he were ever to obtain my phone number, but so far, he hasn’t succeeded.

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