Tin Foil Dave’s Last Hurrah

Talk about nailing your own coffin shut . . .

Evidently unhappy that his previous threads on Shocklines got locked or were deleted, Davey decided to post two more.  The first one shows he ripped a page out of the Pacione Play Book:  “think of all the poor innocent people you’re hurting by going after me!”

Suffice it to say that the folks at Shocklines, and indeed on internet at large, have no obligation to Davey to see to it that he honors his own contracts.  Similarly, nobody’s stopping him from removing the plagiarized stories and artwork, and reissuing the books in question, even if he has to find another publisher, or self-publish them.  Hell, even Peaches did that.

His second post proceeds on the Cooks Source Credo:  if it’s on the internet, and can be downloaded, it must not have a copyright.  Furthermore, his reasoning goes, it was Activision’s responsibility to make sure he couldn’t get his hands on its artwork.  Say what?

Note the ass-kissing plea at the end to leave poor Matty’s forum alone.  As if that did him any good.  I could be wrong, but I don’t recall anyone starting a Boyer related thread there since Harry Shannon’s from the 6th (which Matty deleted), except for Boyer himself.  Kinda defeats the purpose of doing a whiny, yet obnoxious sympathy plea for mercy at Shocklines, when they’re not exactly on his case anymore.

Also, see B’s blog for some interesting info on Tin Foil’s financial wherewithal to go to court.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

18 thoughts on “Tin Foil Dave’s Last Hurrah

    • It’s weird how Matt keeps saying keep it off the forum but leaves the threads.
      I’m sure some in the past have suggested he keeps a level of this type of thing going to attract people there.
      No idea myself, but I could see it being the case.

    • “I’m sure some in the past have suggested he keeps a level of this type of thing going to attract people there. No idea myself, but I could see it being the case.”

      Matt’s on record (in response to Keene’s ‘Leader of the Banned’ book, I believe) that he feels Nicky, Dagstine and their ilk are bullied, and have done nothing wrong.

    • Hard for Matty to make a similar case for Davey, though. It takes a very special brand of willful ignorance to not see any proof of his wrongdoing.

    • Nicely done, Matt, being willfully ignorant of reality and the bullying performed by the Nitwits on your own board and elsewhere.

      No wonder Shocklines is such a failure.

  1. We have another Boyer victim who left a couple of comments on my “Electrocute This Clown” entry, here, and here.

    While Mr. Bushore didn’t give the title of the story that Tin Foil Dave ripped off from him, he did mention that it was supposed to have been printed in Tabloid Purposes 3. A quick look at the preview of TP3 does show “In the Great Dismal” by John Bushore in the TOC for page 296. I’m not sure how this is connected with Boyer, unless Boyer sent John’s submission along to Nikita, under one of those manuscript trading deals of which Nicky’s so fond. Still, it sounds, from John’s wording in his comment, that not only did he never get paid, but also never got a contributor copy:

    It was supposedly published in Tabloid Purposes III. Since then, I’ve had it sitting in limbo, figuring it was published even though I never got payment. I still have it in my “accepted” file, rather than “published.”


    Mr. Bushore, feel free to report that instance of copyright violation to Lulu. I can’t do it for you, but Lulu will look into it, and pull the book from sale, if it deems your claim valid. Lulu has done that at least twice before with Nicky’s books (TP2 and TP4, IIRC), and Nicky himself pulled a couple of others recently to rework before Lulu had to do it for him.

  2. I realize I’m a little slow on the uptake, but am I mistaken in the thought that Boyer’s reference to “my publisher” means lulu.com? If so, I won’t even bother talking about the difference between a printer and a publisher, but I will ask this question: Boyer argued in multiple emails that “his lulu account had been hacked” (snore) and he couldn’t get into it. If that is true, then how could they be his publisher?

    My head hurts.

    • The frequency with which he claims to have had his various accounts hacked is astonishing. It seems to happen every few weeks. After a while, people stop believing it.

  3. Rusty,

    Thank you for letting me know that the story was indeed published. I’d pretty much left the incident behind until I heard “the game was afoot” again.

    I see no point in reporting it, since it was a few years ago and I did not keep copies of my correspondence about that story.

    Actually, Nick has given me good value as “entertainment.”

    John Bushore

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