Calling All Goths

He’s back at it, at his LJ Goth forum:

There will be two versions of the book going around eventually — this is the 7.44 x 9.68 size Paperback Size, and the other will be a Crown Royale size trade paperback. If you’re from a Gothic magazine interested in a review copy of the anthology in either size out there contact me via Only serious inquiries only

He can’t pay contributors from TPIII and TPIV with an emailed .pdf, but he can send out review copies?

11 thoughts on “Calling All Goths

  1. Are those measurements in inches, or centimeters? If measured by his ego, the former; by the quality contained therein, the latter.

  2. Listen you sacks of shit — leave me to publish my anthologies in peace. I think Janrae has an anthology supposed to come out soon. Let me ask this Janrae what right to do you have to go and railroad someone’s career in the business. Listen you mother fuckers, don’t like what I do create your own damn small press and publish your own anthologies. If it comes out like shit — don’t blast my projects.

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