More Threats from Boyer

B Thoughtful has an entry covering David Boyer’s latest series of threats to a victim of his.  I received a forward of the first one of those emails yesterday, but not the follow-up one from this morning.

There are a whole bunch of things wrong with his bluster.  Cyber-crime units don’t use email, and insist on receiving CDs with evidence from the person who claims to be filing charges?  Baloney.  Second, once charges are filed, and evidence turned over (as Boyer claims he did), it’s a little late to recant those charges.

All these claims that Boyer’s been making in his harassing email to this particular victim (yes, I know who it is, having received an unedited forwarded copy) smell like a pig farm in August.  You would think a cop would know the difference between libel and slander, wouldn’t you?  You would also think a cyber-crimes unit has better things to investigate (like fraud, kiddie porn, etc.) than some fraudster’s false claims of slander and harassment.

I call bullshit on this e-cops and e-lawyer routine.  Davey boy, it’s getting really stale.  Nobody’s buying your shtick.

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  1. I got two more from Boyer today. In one of them he gave the name of his alleged attorney. I called the man who denied even knowing who Boyer was. Then he threatened me again with a “detective”. My response to both was to laugh at him in my reply, just a good “hahahahahaha” in 24 point bolded pink type.

  2. I’d suggest we lock him, Nicky, and Deadstine in a room and burn the building down around them, but I’m concerned about the toxins that would release into the air.

        • Good lord, Davey, lying has become such a habit for you that you forget not to lie when you’re trying to cover your own ass. As to why no one’s going to email you personally, it’s because the whole point of this blog is to have a public, permanent record of the dishonest and unethical behavior of people just like your special little self, so potential victims will be warned away from you, and past victims might be able to find support and encouragement (things you wouldn’t understand.) Now, I’m sure you have some ailing person to care for, so toddle along and go play.

    • I got a response! OOOOO…I am SCARED!

      from William Meikle
      date Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 10:33 AM
      subject My interview
      hide details 10:33 AM (15 minutes ago)
      Please pull my interview from your book.

      Your reply to Ramsey Campbell was the last straw.

      I will not support such behavior.

      William Meikle

  3. Y’all havin fun yet actin like a bunch of redneck shitkickers? It’s really funny to sit back and read all of these empty threats of bodily harm and name-calling. And in response to this clown’s suggestion of burning me, Nick, and Dag in house fire, only an unstable brain could conjure that up. You know, I am beginning to understand why I find the horror genre so unappealing; it isn’t the genre itself, it is the company I’d have to keep.
    In all honesty? I haven’t met a horror writer yet – with the exception of real professionals like Meikle and Campbell – that aren’t unstable. Start acting like professionals, and leave me alone. Pick on someone that is worth your trouble. Then again…that would mean you’d have to actually face someone who could easily retaliate against you, and cowards don’t handle pressure too well.

  4. So, Mr. Boyer, now that you’ve found my blog, how exactly do you aim to ruin my writing career? I’d be happy to oblige you with a list of my publishers, should you wish to contact them.

  5. I have my doubts that that is Dave, as someone already mentioned, the time frame doesn’t work. The times he lists on his stupid emails as “online hours” coincide with library hours – I doubt he has his own internet. Besides, he didn’t use the word “sociopath.”

    Oh, and I guess Stephen King et al are really psychos to even be able to come up with stuff so much worse than burning a house down – it’s called IMAGINATION. If you had one, Boyer, than you wouldn’t have to steal stories from other people.

    • The IP that “Tin Foil Dave” used to leave the comment traces to in Vincennes, IN. It also matches the one he uses when visiting B Thoughtful. Don’t know who else it could be. The only other visitor I get from that far south in Indiana uses AOL, and has been a reader for years — long before Tin Foil Dave ever showed up here.

      • My apologies.. as he did manage to stick the “sociopathic” in another comment. That man has no idea what the definition of a sociopath is, and I -hmm– I mean, A SOCIOPATH, is the last kind of creature he wants to meet.

  6. and the time posted, when you take in the fact that GMT is about 3 hours earlier than my time and his, it is within his time frame. I cannot tell a lie: I’m guilty of pointing him at Rusty lol. I did it in one of my responses to his email. Thought it was time for him to meet the good folks here.

    • You know, the only reason I dropped by was by the request of some sociopathic bull-dyke named Janrae Frank, who told me I might enjoy reading some of your cute little comments. At first, I will have to admit, I found some of it amusing, but now, it has already grown stale and boring. So called ”social networking” sites and ”blogs” { both code words for places for LOSERS to post hateful comments about total strangers } are given a bad name by the people on this blog, and deservedly so. If Mr or Mrs. ”Rusty Nail,” is willing to let you post this garbage, they are as bad as you are, or worse. As a matter of fact, I find this whole means of communication boring; why don’t you all drop me some PERSONAL messages here, and I will be glad to answer them, and even add them to a list of print outs I will be submitting to an attorney next week?

      Any takers?
      I thought not.

      • For a guy who only stopped by to read at the invitation of a third party, you sure spent a lot of time leaving comments — both last night and this afternoon.

        I can’t even go grocery shopping without some Nitwit showing up to leave me a bunch of love notes. Davey Boy, go away.

      • I wasn’t worried in the slightest until he used capital letters to call us losers.
        I mean … it’s in capitals, it must be TRUE!

      • Sure, I’ll get right on that e-mail, Dave. And while I’m at it, I’ll go out this evening and leave my front door open, so as not to inconvenience the guy dropping around later tonight to steal my TV set.

      • How very curious! If you send an email to this address (as I have just done) you immediately get this response:

        “As of Monday, January 17th, 2011, I will no longer be using this email
        account to receive or send email. I have had too many problems with
        viruses, hacking, and harrassment with this email account to keep it
        active. I will be in touch with all recipients who I have deemed
        trustworthy with my new email address shortly thereafter.”

        Why on earth did Mr Boyer invite people to email him here twelve days after the date he cites?

        • I agree with Mike. Like the rest of the Legion of Nitwits, he’s using it as bait, so he can harvest email addresses. I’d be surprised, though, if you were to receive a slew of nastygrams from him, given your stature within the industry. Plebeians, on the other hand, can expect a boatload of them.

  7. He calls Janrae a sociopathic bull dyke and then finger points about blogs who call names…and posts that on said blog. And then threatens to sic his lawyers. When he gave the name of his lawyer, the attorney was contacted and he didn’t know what anyone was talking about.

    Why doesn’t Boyer address the issue of him plagiarizing other’s work? That’s the focus of the topic. But he’s too busy playing victim. What about the people he victimized?

  8. I’ll break the news here first before I publish it on my blog.  I have solid proof connecting “Dylan Cook” to David Boyer. 

    About the “Dylan Cook” identity:

    Dylan Cook is the pseudonym of a single mother living in rural Wisconsin, whose upbringing was anything but ”typical.” Having grown up not too far away from the ”murder house,” where infamous killer Ed Gein had butchered several Plainfield Wisconsin residents in the 1950s.  Having grown up on local folklore, reading the works of Stephen King, and being an avid fan of horror films, she decided to pen the tale ”A Photographic Memory,” which is based on the stories she’d heard about growing up about Ed Gein’s late night excursions into the local cemetery.

       Having been saved in 2007, she now concentrates on more Christian-themed projects, non-fiction, and recently set up a local animal shelter in her barn, where she takes in stray cats and nurses them back to health before giving them away free- for adoption.

    • Nor very Christian, either, Melany, despite him now claiming on his website to be a ‘Christian author’. In fact, I’d say his understanding of Holy Scripture is about on a par with Nicky’s. Not that I buy for a second that his Convenient Christianity is any more real than anything else about him. It’s a deflection, like his bluster and lies. “Ooh, ooh, don’t be so mean to me, I’m a good Christian, and I find home for stray cats.” It reminds me of a magazine cartoon from just after Watergate. A judge glowers down at a man obviously intended to be Charles Colson and shouts, “Conversion denied!” at him.

  9. Here is the history of David Boyer (below). David Boyer goes by these aliases: David Byron, Doc Byron, Iron Dave, Dan Byron, Jack Sawyer, Jack Burnett (the name he stole from me personally under), Leo Wolfe, Christian Loche, Kelli Kelso (he has no qualms about being a transexual), Kelli Ross, Tobey King, and now we have found a new alias as well, more on that later).
    See all below:
    Documentation from the Horror Writer’s Association (who give the Bram Stoker Awards) under the article titled Stoker-Recommended Works Removed for Plagiarism:

    Sam’s Dot Publishing under the article titled Against the Story Thieves

    Here is the warning on Absolute Writer under Writers Beware:


    Something Wicked

    A victim speaks

    Another victim speaks

    The Rusty Nail

    About Darkened Doorways:

    About Vast Horizens on Science Fiction Writers Association:


    And here is Ferrel (Rick) Moore ongoing satire, whose story Electrocuting the Clowns was stolen by David Boyer under his alias David Byron and who personally contacted the Horror Writer’s Association about the theft:

    Here is B. Thoughtful’s website where evidence against David Boyer is carefully collected and saved:

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