Now Tin Foil Dave’s Threatening Me

The boy must be attracted by my charm; he just can’t stay away from this blog.

Tin Foil Dave says:

True, but you are allowing these miscreants to post their negative comments here, which makes you just as guilty from a moral viewpoint.
I am filing a protective order against anyone who has done so on Friday, so if you dont take down these comments, I will request your postal address so I can send you one, too.

Request away. If your e-detectives can’t find it for you, you might want to reconsider who you “hire.”  I don’t take kindly to threats, nor do I take kindly to having some ex-con plagiarist clown in Indiana tell me how to run my blog.

36 thoughts on “Now Tin Foil Dave’s Threatening Me

  1. Does he really think that these stupid, empty threats will actually scare someone into removing their blog, comments, etc?

    In case he hasn’t figured it out, he’s being the “cyberbully.” Waaaah, someone said something about me I didn’t like, I’m going to go make threats!!!!

    Are we sure he’s not related to Nicky?

    • He’s being an ass. Any moron could figure out — without the help of a lawyer — that a “protective order” isn’t something a court will issue against me without proof that I have in any way contacted him, issued him threats, left lots of abusive comments on his blogs, or something of that ilk. I’ve done none of that.

      • My first thought reading this was “man, where does he live?” I would love it of protective orders were so easily obtained and enforced that I could take one out on a stranger on the Internet…or, y’know, on the creeptastic ex who “happens” to take jobs or rent apartments within spitting distance of any job I accept. (It is purely accidental, you see.) (As is parking behind my car every chance he gets.) (Five years later.)

  2. So, he’s going to ask a judge for a protective order against:
    “Lewis Unknown”
    “Mad Hatter”
    “Just Me”

    Yeah. I’m sure the judge’ll get right on that!

  3. HA! There is an actual Rusty Nail in the town I’m from. Poor old farmer is gonna be mighty confused when the sherriff comes to serve that protective order lol. If he needs your address, he can always hire Daggy to get it for him. After all, didn’t he supposedly drive across several states to sit in front of your house and take pics?

  4. Dear Tinfoil Dave;

    Seeing as I have the right to say any goddamn thing I please, despite what certain members of the Tea Party might want, I wish to take this space to state my opinion of you:

    You’re a liar, a thief, a shitty conman, a bully, and a coward.

    When caught in your little scams, you try to deny people their First Amendment rights to state their opinions of you, threatening legal action backed by bogus lawyers and fictional law officers.

    If your fiction is anything like your fantasy legal action, I’m surprised you can write your own name without accidently shoving the pen up your ass or sucking on it like a cock.

    May I suggest you return to the only occupation I can imagine you being successful at, and that is making other people look good by being a complete and total asshole of yourself.

    Either that, or may I suggest you begin a career sucking cock at a Greyhound bus station for your paychecks.

    Because right now, you aren’t scary, everyone knows that you’re full of shit, you writing sucks, and your attempts at threats just let everyone know you fail at being a bully like you fail at everyone else.

    Oh, and if I was you, unless your wife was on top, I’d suggest getting paternity tests on your children, since from all evidence I’ve seen all you can do is fuck up.

  5. Dear Mr. Boyer:

    Here is my advice to you:

    A) Go to Home Depot.

    B) Buy a ladder.

    C) Use it to get over yourself.

    Also, stop being a plagiarizing fuckwit full of empty threats and aggression.


    Jupiter Pluvius


        Oh, bother! I’ve really done it this time! From Mr. Boyer:

        I saw your recent post on Shocklines poking fun at me. I must admit, it was sort of amusing.
        In a really pathetic sort of way, that is. Apparently, you are now aspiring to be numbered among those who will be served legal papers in the next few weeks pertaining to all of the negative publicity being posted about me on line.
        If you wish to be included, just send me your postal address, and I will be glad to have you served as well. Or, I could just bypass that method, and log into Intelius, and pay a small fee and find it myself. Your call.
        Or, just simply delete your post mentioning my name.


        • I guess I have to thank Boyer for making me laugh for the first time in days. “You are illegally doing illegal things to me that are illegal. Kindly give me your real name, address and phone number so I can complain to someone in the legal field about all the illegal things you are doing to me.”

          Uh, sure, Davey-boy. You know, that’s how the FBI catch seriel killers – they just ask all the suspects to give them their info and DNA. It works every time!

  6. Did anyone get screenshots of Loser’s Lounge? He cleaned it up. The post calling me a scociopatchic bull dyke is gone and he now has a statement that he will not put up with gender slurs, etc.

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