Two Nuked SL Threads

The first thread is the original one, referencing Brian Keene’s entry about Boyer, and Rick Moore’s letter writing campaign.  The second one was started by Jeani, in an attempt to stay on topic, after the first thread started going astray.

Screengrabs are after the cut.  Click on each one to enlarge it.  You might have to click twice to get full-size.  Feel free to swipe them.

21 thoughts on “Two Nuked SL Threads

  1. This is the shit I hate about Matt. He is like one of those people who says “Teach the controversy!” about things like evolution. There is such a thing as being so open-minded your brains fall right out.

    Oh, no, people can’t say mean things about Dave Boyer on Shocklines!

    • I mean, there is no “other side” that needs to be heard. It’s not like Dean Koontz’s and Richard Matheson’s texts slipped and fell into his computer along with a bunch of hardworking, less well known writers’ (and even Nickolaus Pacione’s).

      Boyer’s plagiarism is clearly provable fact. Full stop. There’s no way he can explain or excuse it.

    • According to the Absolute Write thread that’s still going strong, they’re battening down the hatches on their WP blog, too. Next to go, their FB account? They have been deleting comments like crazy.

      They haven’t quite hit the Cooks Source Magazine level of tap-dancing yet, but they’re headed in that direction. I expect that if they do disappear, they’ll simply pop up again with a new name.

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