Two Deleted Shocklines Threads

As we all know, the Yuku administrators banned Nicky from the entire Yuku network a few months ago.  It had nothing to do with Matt on the Shockines forum.  Matt would never ban someone for making death threats to people, so the Yuku admins had to do it.

Recently, Nicky opened a new account on Shocklines.  At first, he somewhat minded his manners.  Naturally, that didn’t last long.  He started two threads in which he made several false accusations against other members.  Those threads have been deleted.  However, through the power of Awesome Screenshot, I have them saved for posterity.  They’re posted after the cut.  Click on each image twice to see it full size.  If you have a use for them, feel free to swipe them.

10 thoughts on “Two Deleted Shocklines Threads

  1. Just to be late to the party … in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” the line goes:

    “… and wouldn’t think twice about ripping that patch off your eye hole and skull-fucking you to death.”

    Johnny Depp says the sweetest things 🙂

    Though, really, Ant and Karen are close. I wouldn’t mind all three of you havin’ my baby. Not necessarily my skull-baby, which is what I want to call my manuscripts from now on.

  2. I’d bet that’s the only attention Matt’s paid the board in a long while, given the spambot posts elsewhere. Hell, if Nikki hadn’t cried like a whiny simpering bitch to Matt, those threads would have kept going.

  3. Oh yeah, he ran to Matt as soon as he realized that he screwed the pooch and was “losing” our little discussion.

    He also logged off faster than shit.

  4. Someone needed to bring unicorn skullfucking into the conversation. Just to twist the knife a little more.

    Also, someone should have created a new account as llyod campbell and posted in the I’m not Boyer thread – I’m not Pacione.

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