Issues Six and Seven

Remember this call for submissions on Goth at LJ?  Yesterday, Mr. Pacione cross-posted it on DeviantArt.  He didn’t fix any of the grammatical errors, but added this:

Some of you national writers wanting to be in issue six of the magazine — I am saving the national and international submissions for issue seven. Issue Six is the local author showcase issue. I am donating copies of this particular finished anthology to a few local schools and libraries in the area when I get done with it. Any artrists who are featured in DA would like to see their artwork showcased on the cover of this one let me know because I am waiting for the stories to get back to me before I proceed.

Presumably, a “national author” is one who doesn’t live in Chicagoland.  The implication regarding local authors, however, is that Chicagoland authors don’t have a national readership.

The other interesting thing is that Mr. Pacione is soliciting not only stories, but also cover art.  Does this mean his crayons broke?

Overall, the rest of the entry talks about a new anthology.  The added paragraph really refers to The Ethereal Gazette, but has no lead-in specifically stating so.   Is he beginning to confuse his projects with each other?

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