Nicky Admits Making a False Accusation

This is from page 16 of the epic thread at Shocklines:

It’s just an annotated grab of what was visible, but I have a grab of the entire unannotated page, along with one of every other page.

This is the sort of depth to which Nickypoo will stoop, when he feels butthurt.  In fact, Tim made up no such rumor, so Nicky’s justification for his actions have neither basis in fact, nor merit.

12 thoughts on “Nicky Admits Making a False Accusation

  1. more and more Nicky is coming across as vile, white trash with no class. His company deserves to die along with his horrible writing.

  2. Oh yes, he can justify potentially putting two little girls through the trauma of a rape exam because he is butthurt about something he THINKS somebody said about him. His selfishness and complete lack of human deceny know no bounds.

  3. So nicky is now saying bullies need to be neutered so they can’t breed? When is your operation to have your tiny manly bits removed so you can’t contribute to the gene pool nicky? You’re just as much a bully picking on women and children.

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