Nicky’s Back on Shocklines

This time, he’s going by GothicPreacher. Β He’s spewing his usual bile. Β Get your screengrabs while the threads last.

A post

GAME OVER by Nickolaus Pacione

untitled horror anthology submission call: keeping it simple

Setting the record straight with Rector

ETA, according to Nicky, he’s not selling this:



That makes sense, since he hasn’t come in contact with a bar of soap in decades.

Edit #2:


32 thoughts on “Nicky’s Back on Shocklines

  1. nicky obviously hasn’t read or watched “under the dome” or he’d throw a fit over the lesbian couple. LOL LOL LOL some stephen king fan he is. It seems the only King books he’s read are what…Carrie and Nightshift?

  2. Greetings old friends, hope you are all well! Very long time no speak.

    Good to see that same old stuff going down. Will some people never learn? πŸ™‚

    • I feel the same way. Nicky always seems to go ‘splodey after I’ve crashed for the night. Between SL and the comments on his blog with Tabby, it took me at least an hour to catch up. it was almost the same thing when I came back from taking the dog to a park for a nice long trail walk.

  3. Hey guys! I’m good ta! Nice to see you all.

    Ok, I’ve been a lurker with very little interaction of late. I’ve sort of given up on publishing, now working on digital media and sales!

    I’m still keeping up with things, I get fed by a friend who is quite “close” to Nicky. I get some excellent updates lol.

    Shocklines… Well, not much has changed I see. Still spineless admin at work! Glad to see the nail rocks on πŸ™‚

  4. Awww so sad that Nicky was banned. I enjoyed laughing my ass off at his claims that I cast a love spell on his ugly ass. He obviously doesn’t know a damn thing about Wicca. Even if I DID cast love spells does he really think I’d waste my time and energy casting a love spell on someone like HIM?

  5. Aww. Matty bahleeted all the Nicky threads, including the one Karen started — after Nicky had already been banned for the second time by the Yuku staff.

    • Isn’t that Shocklines admin a prat, he seems to be deleting all and everything that is even slightly funny or interesting, soon no one at all will read the booooring threads there anymore.

    • YUKU are pretty on the ball as I found out. 20 minutes after reporting him they emailed me asking what the banned username was. 10 minutes after I told them, he was gone.

      It might help that I quoted the rape baby comments in my email to YUKU.

  6. Wow, it is amazing how I missed so much after not checking on Pacione today. Thanks for the screenshots Rusty. They are way better entertainment than the movie I am watching.

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