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In addition to (predictably) vowing to get Fossil Lake pulled, because its very existence is getting under his skin, Nicky has taken to harassing Elizabeth Peake.  I don’t know Elizabeth, but I certainly remember her name from the old Xanga days a decade ago.  As far as I know, she never did anything to Nicky.  Then again, so many people’s introduction to Nicky, as did mine, occurred when he went after them out of the blue.  The “Who the fuck are you?” reaction is rapidly followed by “Oh lord, what a creep.”

On what grounds Nicky plans to get Fossil Lake pulled, I don’t know.  Even he admits the title is only “a bastardization of Lake Fossil.”  Jerrod’s highly entertaining story, in which Nicky screams at the lake for using the name of his company, nails Nicky’s twisted mental processes.


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  1. I knew as soon as I read it that Jerrod’s would get him.

    I bought my copy today on Smashwords, so no sign of it getting pulled. (as if)

    • What’s he going to report to Smashwords?

      “Nickolaus Pacione here. Um, the title of that book reverses the order of the words in the name of my unregistered company, so that’s plagiarism. And while you’re at it, can you contact every municipality in the world that has a Fossil Lake, and make them change the name of its lake, mmkay? Also, pull every book that contains either ‘fossil’ or ‘lake.’ Or else! If you don’t, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down. Capiche?”

      • I figure if he even started with his crazy ranting all his books will be pulled. There are other Nickolaus Paciones out there. I’m surprised he doesn’t go after them or their parents for naming them.

  2. Any shred of sympathy I had left for Nicky went away when he wrote what he did about Janrae. Losing a family member is bad enough- but he knows her family may see his comments. Sure maybe he’s brain damaged, mentally ill or just stupid- but he KNOWS that is something you don’t do as he expected the same for him when his grandparents died. He KNOWS the difference between right and wrong. He’s just a horrible pathetic person and a raging misogynist.

    He sent me an email this week (in response to the photos I emailed him 4 months ago where Keene’s book went into the museum). Like a nutjob he doesn’t believe it- even though I gave him 4 photos of proof and I dunno…this was 4 months ago. Then he went on with his typical perverted fascination with him. For someone who claims he isn’t in the closet he talks an awful lot about male genitalia.

    He seems to have tweeted all night, so he probably needs his 18hr nap.

  3. She’s female that’s the only reason Nicky needs. He only attacks and hits women. She probably told him to get lost when he a) demanded she let him use a story in one of his shitty books b) asked her out c) hell maybe she’s a fan of Brian Keene and only Nicky knows that and is using that as a pathetic excuse to go after her.

    • That sounds like an interesting book. I have done some fossil hunting in Wyoming, although not at that particular site, and came home with several fossils of aquatic species, along with lots of petrified wood.

  4. Nicky should be grateful for ‘fossil lake’ maybe someone will make a mistake and buy one of his masterpieces by accident thinking they’re buying our much superior book!

  5. I’m wondering (though not particularly caring) why he’s tweeting and using tumblr but not his “blog.” I’m betting he forgot the password.

    • Nah He knows the password. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to delete all those comments, as he’s been doing. I think he just gets distracted by Twitter. “Ooh — shiny!”

      • I keep getting distracted when I try to read Fossil Lake….but I blame shiny yarn, a cat, phone calls, neighbors. Working on a project to crochet a top hat and decorate it with an ‘alice in wonderland’ theme. 🙂

        • My cats keep bugging me for more flex straws in my drinks. I cannot get anything done b/c they keep bothering my drink. Yeah, that’s my problem tonight 🙂 Cheapest toy ever. I just read 2 stories a night in bed…otherwise they will be gone. I keep thinking of all these other stories in my head.

          • My Gypsy cat loves to grab at my crochet hooks and knitting needles. They’re just the right size for her little paws to wrap around 😀 though she’s starting to learn that if she figures out a side of my lap and stays there and doesn’t grab at stuff I won’t kick her off to get work done

  6. For Nicky being such a huge Poe fan he really needs to get his facts straight. All day he’s been promoting today as Poe’s birthday even though it was yesterday. I don’t think Poe was upset Nicky missed it.

    • Time stamp is off on here…but Poe’s birthday was 1/19 not 1/20. I mean really…that’s a basic thing he could do his “homework” and check. Even Wikipedia has it correct.

    • Half the internet knows his street address, but the book is only available in several e-book formats for the time being. It would be interesting to see him film himself trying to pee on it, though, while he’s got the file open on his laptop. Short circuit in 3 … 2 … 1.

    • I doubt he would be able to read it. He is not the brightest bulb. Not worth the cost of paper or mailing either. He can pay up the 2.99 if he wants to try.

  7. Rusty, What is your email? I was going to send you his cray cray 14 page submission call he posted on his high school reunion page if you cannot see it. It’s plenty of humor for cold dark winter nights. It has 20+ fonts though. He complains about you and all his other perceived enemies.

  8. I couldn’t make it past page 3 of that piece of crap. And in those 3 pages he gives no real clue what he wants in submissions. Is he really stupid enough to think people are going to read 14 pages of headache inducing fonts, weird formatting, lots of mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and rants against people they don’t know to figure out what the hell he wants for stories?

    • If any of his classmates DO read that, I expect their first reaction will be to contact the reunion committee to ask if he’s going to be there.

      Oh, wait, sorry. Ask if he’s ACTUALLY going to be there.

      Because jeebuz krispies I have never seen the word ACTUALLY used that much.


    • I forced myself to read/skim the whole barge load of refuse. In essence, he wants his classmates to write stories for him, so he can put it together using way more software than necessary, print out copies through Lulu, and hand them out to reunion attendees. There are no clear guidelines other than a word count range, and no mention of contracts or even token pay.

      He assumes that: people remember him; will read his nonsensical novella length “guidelines;”are interested in writing short stories; want copies of his dreck as souvenirs; and will be thrilled to show them off to their real life friends. That’s a lot of erroneous assumptions.

      • I’d show off copies of his work if I had any just to cheer up friends who think their lives really suck. I’d hand it to them and say “it could be worse you could be THIS guy who thinks he’s a better author than stephen king!”

  9. Considering LuLu charges for POD publishing, is he offering to pay for all those copies himself? What’s he going to pay for it with?

    • He probably intended to blow his disability check on copies to sell or give away to classmates. He gives away a lot of books he’s paid Lulu to print, either to suck up to people, or to play the role of “successful entrepreneur.”

    • How can you tell? I ask because I don’t use FB, other than to read pages that require a reader to be signed in to view them.

      • You have to login but it is an open group He’s blocked. Some of the funniest comments about it:

        “There are the truly alienated and there are the people that actually try to be alienated as their goal. Nicholas was always the later of the two.”

        “Oh yes that is where I am doing most of my research. I get dressed up as a sad clown and then go to Exit because that is where the fringe element hangs out. I chain myself to the bar with a dog collar around my neck. This allows me to go deep into the field for the necessary field work data. The only problem is that I end up throwing up all over my reasearch logs. I still use pencil and paper. I know I know. I should just use my iphone but you know how it is being 37 and on the cusp of both worlds. The point is….We should all go to Exit!!!” (Nicky had been on there trying to get them all to go to this club with him)

        He managed to get himself blocked within a week.

        • If he gets the hint, which is doubtful, he won’t show up for the reunion.

          On the other hand, it could go the other way. He’ll get the hint, spend the next several months bitching about what meanie poopieheads his former classmates are, then show up at the reunion with the express purpose of cussing them out in person.

          In any event, his dream of putting together a souvenir anthology of classmates’ stories has gone up in smoke.

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