Write vs. Right

Today brings not one, but two new entries on Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot. For the most part, he attempts to generate interest in his tell-all memoir. Ms. SanGiovanni, Ms. Peake, Mr. Lovell, and Flemco get personal mentions.

Two lines stand out in the one addressed to Mr. Lovell:

This book isn’t about people being mean and call the wahbulance.


I have a write to get my money from book sales too as the next guy, if you disagree with that idea move to North Korea where your freedom of press will be revoked

It’s rather a shame the book isn’t about whining and calling “wahmbulances.” That might be more interesting than the actual subject matter.

Mr. Pacione has a right to write. He has neither a right nor a write to gain money from sales of said writing.

Pacione relates the bit about North Korea to freedom of the press, which he constantly confuses with freedom of speech. Perhaps one day it will dawn on him that not all writers have press credentials, and not all journalists write books. We can hope.

There was one other item of interest: he is now leaning toward using Lightning Source.

I am truly thinking about putting this book out with Lightening Source directly.

It’s highly doubtful that his empty wallet could foot the bill for the block of ISBNs, printing setup costs, etc. His GothicFest booth cannot possibly cost any less this year than the $300 he paid in 2005.

23 thoughts on “Write vs. Right

  1. Karen what do you have to gain in ruining my good name? Bitch listen and listen good — you have no right to go ruining someone’s livelyhood. Eric — don’t be an asshole. Man, I fucking paid you and you still stabbed me in the back. What do the two of you have to gain in pissing over a guy who is busting his ass to get his books out there? I want that $18 back.

  2. I cannot speak for Karen, but I, for one, can’t find any evidence that you ever had a good name to ruin. That would make your question irrelevant.

  3. Nick,

    Maybe you ought to stop calling gay people fags.

    And women cunts.

    And Wiccans witches.

    And stop disparaging fanfiction writers.

    And stop disparaging real writers.

    And stop disgracing yourself, and your family, and your few remaining friends.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. Karen fuck off. You’re trying to derail my career and that you’re a bitch for doing it. A man that has nothing to lose is the most dangerous kind. I fight like I got nothing to lose. Why the fuck would you go around ruining my career as a writer?

  5. Karen — I guess you’re a fag hag so no I will not stop. The only way I will stop is if you stop with trying to ruin the Tabloid Purposes anthologies. If you want to stop the series and start a book burning you know where I will be. I guess you condone book burnings as long they got my name on them.

  6. You are one masochist little bastard, Nicky. You stole that “man with nothing to lose” from my blog posts about you.

    Let me explain what the term means when it is applied to you.

    It means you have no money so no one bothers to sue you for libel.

    It means you have no career, so there is nothing anyone can take from you there that you haven’t really lost a long time ago.

    All you have is a big mouth and that is part of what cost you everything you had in the first place.

    You do have something to lose, Nicky.

    Your mind.

    As incoherent as you have been lately I think that you are losing your mind.

  7. Nicky,

    I know you rectified the problem once you were caught, but for the three QUAKES AND STORMS you sold before they caught you, did you ever compensate National Geographic for stealing their artwork?

    Since we are talking about book covers and all I figured this would be a good time to ask.

  8. Despite your repulsive personality, I have absolutely nothing but pity for you, Nick. I hope one day you realize how misguided you really are and ask someone near you for help before you either self-destruct or harm someone.

  9. If anyone is harming anyone here is ruining anything around here it’s you Koehler. What you’re doing to someone is going to cause worst damage on you threefold. Think about it like that everytime you ruin someone’s book sales Koehler it’s going to bite you in the ass in the long run. You’re hurting your own community when you do things like that. Nothing but pity, bullshit — that sounds like a burning hate for me. An extreme hatred for me that is going to keep me going, you can’t stop me Koehler no one will.

  10. You tell ’em, Nick. Don’t let anyone stop you from recruiting impressionable youngsters to fill your shitty anthologies while stringing them along with spurious offers of fame and fortune. Chase that dream, girlfriend!

  11. Phil — shut the fuck up you fucking wanker. Koehler what do you have to gain in trying to derail my getting published in larger places? You’re just denying your roots as a self-published author when you derail someone like me. You’re a fucking loser who has too much time on her hands. You don’t like me, and that’s fair enough but do you think is a little overboard trying to screw over a few novellas I wrote of a readership it deserves?

  12. Don’t you think it was a bit much to accuse me of plagiarism?

    Don’t you think it was a bit much to accuse Mary of prostitution?

    Don’t you thin it was a bit much to threaten people’s kids?

    Don’t you think it was a bit much to make racist comments?

    don’t you think it was a bit much

    Don’t you think it is expecting a bit much to expect us to appreciate your lies and false accusations?

    I think you need to look in the mirror, Fat Boy.

  13. Ooh, I’ve been told to shut up in boldface. That almost persuaded me. Almost.
    Try again, Nick. Maybe I’ll respond more positively if it’s in italics, all caps and underlined. Try throwing in a few <blink> and <marquee> tags too. Oh, and stamping your foot might also help you make your point more forcefully.

  14. Has anyone else noticed Nicky’s repeated usage of ‘wanker’ lately? His buddy Mike Philbin must have taught him that word.

    Oh, and Nick—you’re living with Grammy and Grampy again, right? Which means that if someone wants to sue you for libel, Grammy and Grampy’s house, car, and other belongings are fair game.

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