Lulu Gives Nicky the Boot

As we all know by now, Nicky has been singing the praises of for years, calling it his “publisher,” collaborator,” etc.  In reality, it’s basically a middleman between an author and Lightning Source, that offers some additional services to self-publishers, such as a storefront and ISBNs.

I might use Lulu or Shutterfly if I had a bunch of photos I wanted to turn into a calendar, but would probably choose Createspace, if, for some unknown reason I ever felt compelled to write a book and self-publish it.  Nicky hates Createspace











… and loves Lulu …


Alas, Lulu closed his account. Predictably, Nicky is pissed.


ETA: Nicky left a screed in Bingtalian on Lulu’s Facebook page, and he wants his files back, dammit! 2014-07-03




















ETA 2: He left another screed on’s Facebook page. July 3 screed

29 thoughts on “Lulu Gives Nicky the Boot

    • He probably still has the files for the most recent book or two, but he has a nasty habit of crashing his computers every few months or so, and he doesn’t back anything up. Dunno why, because 32Gb thumb drives go for about $5 nowadays, often with free shipping.

      • This is going to get funny…

        I mean Lulu leaves him like a used up dirty lover and now Nicky wants his stuff back. Will Nicky return Lulu’s t-shirt?

        • The last time he was kicked out of a place he called home (Apartment 2W in Justice), he stole one of his roommates’ camera and an old computer, then complained they stole his CD collection. He even proudly posted a selfie with the purloined camera a few months after he denied stealing it.

          I thought Nicky said something about losing that Lulu shirt. He loses a lot of things, including a tripod he left in Micky D’s on the way home from GothicFest 2007. Why he felt compelled to bring it into the restaurant with him instead of leaving it locked in his uncle’s car is a mystery. It’s very possible he just lost his CDs during the move.

          • I bet he took the tripod in to take a selfie of himself in a “diner.” I’m guessing this is the same roommate he expected to take him to all his doctor appointments and let him eat her food. Boggles the mind he’d file a civil claim (knowing he stole from her)..unless that was another roommate.

  1. The master of the darkity-dark has R. L. Stine’s Superstitious prominently displayed in that photo. Kinda says it all.

  2. What are the chances lulu even KEPT his files anyway if they deleted his account wouldn’t they also get rid of all his crap?

  3. I love how he continues to call himself a Gothic author and that his writes Gothic tales, when none of them contain any elements of Gothic architecture from either the pre or post revival period. Not that I would ever expect him to understand what really constitutes a work fitting into a genre.

    • I’ve given up trying to explain to him he doesn’t write Gothic tales. I imagine he would think Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein wasn’t gothic, as the monster didn’t listen to his Spotify playlist or dress all in black. My best guess is he thinks he’s writing about Goths…but then again, his stories are usually just rants and people aren’t dressed all in black…so beats me. Maybe hipster horror b/c they are drinking crappy beer pretending it is cool, smoking and hanging out past their welcome endlessly drinking coffee in diners?

    • Gary Oldman gave an interview in Playboy where he complained about political correctness in Hollywood while defending Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin. As a result of that Nicky now loves him while ignoring the apologies Oldman has been making in order to salvage something of his image.

    • Gary Oldman is awesome, and Nicky is hoping some of that awesomeness will rub off onto his sorry nothing of an ass?

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