18 thoughts on “Fireworks!

  1. because being an asshole who is too stupid to back up his work and treating someone who MAY (but probably doesn’t) have what you want like shit will make them WANT to work something out with you.

    • Personally, if I was in that situation at Lulu, I’d deliberately delete any files that might still be available, just because…

      and it would serve the asshole right

      • I might actually do that. After all, I do work for Lulu now… 😀

        I wonder how his repeated violations of ToS got flagged to the higher ups in the company at last

        • I would even bet that they say somewhere on their site that they aren’t responsible for any works/files that get ‘lost’ or something to that effect.

  2. I’d tell him to look at the date and Lulu.com’s notice that — hey, guess what, no-one’s in the office that day — but then I thought: why bother? It’s funnier seeing him work himself up into a frenzy.

  3. My favourite bit is his response to some poor person who suggested he should have kept back-ups of his files.

    Look you faggot — that’s ten years worth of files on there; I had different computers crash. So what’s between me and lulu.com is none of your fucking plagiarizing business cocksucker

    Such a professional, it’s hard to understand why companies aren’t lining up to publish his work.

    • No wonder he’s working with a “publisher” that posts pictures of her self dressed and acting like the worst sort of whore, a self-proclaimed advocate of domestic violence survivors that thinks it’s acceptable on any level to post for pictures bloody and bruised. There’s another piece of work for the legion.
      Professionalism at its finest!

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