Nicky Wants to Speak to the Manager

Irate Nicky is irate.  In the past four days, Nicky has posted nine times on Lulu’s Facebook page.  Never mind the holiday weekend.  All nine posts have gone unanswered by Lulu representatives, who are off-duty during the long weekend.

Here’s his latest.  He wants to talk to people higher up than those who handle TOS violations, or “Questionable Content,” as he puts it.  He wants to cut a deal with Lulu. 2014-07-06

Also, he’s making quite a pill of himself over on the Createspace forum.

41 thoughts on “Nicky Wants to Speak to the Manager

  1. The people on the Createspace forum are getting really pissed off at Nicky. He’s been at it all morning, and the moderators have been all over his posts, editing out personal information he drops about his alleged rivals.

  2. With any luck LuLu will drop Nicky too and he’ll be forced to seek out yet another vanity publisher to spew his crap to. He’s got a wonderful way of incinerating his bridges.

    • Lulu did kill his account before the holiday weekend. That’s why he’s over at Createspace now. At some point, Lulu will probably block all of his accounts on FB from posting on its page.

      At the rate he’s going, he may very well get a stern warning from the forum mods at CS. People are already sick of him.

      • After originally leaving Createspace to go to Lulu, he badmouthed Createspace. Now he’s back at Createspace. Crossing a bridge after nuking it behind you is quite a feat. And with the stuff he has posted about Lulu at Createspace the past few days, Lulu should have no incentive to do anything to restore his files (or his account).

        At this rate, he may have to go back to PublishAmerica who handled “Game Over”.

        And totally off-topic, Volokh Conspiracy (a blog for libertarian lawyers) has an article on a new book: “The Economics of the Undead”

  3. I’m sure Lulu will get right on it. Why does Nicky hate America to spew such nonsense on his holiday weekend?

  4. hahahahaha Love how Nicky was called on his name dropping and being told nobody gives a damn who he’s pretending to know in slightly more polite ways

    • My favorite bit of Sparklepony’s name dropping is that he always specifies that he “learned publishing from April Derleth” while she was alive.

      We knew that, Ablert, because operating a Ouija board is far above your skill level. It requires spelling, see.

  5. When will Nicky learn that he won’t be allowed to stay in the house if he can’t learn to go on the paper?

    • Because he thinks that freedom of speech = I can spew whatever hate and vile lies I want and not face any consequences for it

    • I could repeat the old saying “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences” until the cows come home, and he still wouldn’t get it.

  6. still thinks he has FOUR books in the Poe museum

    My accomplishments:
    Four books in a museum — looking to move my catalog back to

    • This, after he accused unspecified people of stealing his books from the museum. The curator himself could tell Nicky there were never more than one of them in the collection, and he’d still refuse to believe it.

      • Absolutely. It started out as hatred for Booksurge, which I believe he tried using at one point. Then when Amazon took over, he railed at Createspace and those authors who used it to reissue their back catalogs.

        Over the years he’s spewed such venom at Createspace that he’s felt compelled to flood its forum with explanations/fake apologies, and in the process, annoy the hell out of others who use the CS forum.

        Nicky: “Hey guys, I’m back. Sorry for badmouthing you for all those years. Here’s why I hated you …”

        Forum: “So what? Go away.”

  7. Evidently, the staffer in charge of Lulu’s FB page is back. As of 9pm, Eastern, all of Nicky’s comments have been deleted. I wonder whether he’s been blocked, too.

      • He showed that talent at Wikipedia this spring as editor “Np1976”, with several editors following and cleaning up after him (unsourced, not notable, self-promoting spam, bad grammar), until he was admonished to C&D.

  8. I wonder what createspace would say to Pacione admitting he wants to use CS to harass authors.
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    Post by Lake Fossil Press.

    • I love how he says that “Sabledrake Enterprises is one of the most corrupt places you can work with — if they are willing to have a lot of authors who have fake names — then encouraging plagiarism isn’t too far behind.”
      And yet he’s working with Tabetha Jones. That shit is all she does. Except rip people off, that is.

      • He kept giving me the “industry standard” line about fake names, then when I pointed out his own uses of pseudonym, did the hasty backpedal to explain how that’s DIFFERENT when it’s a name that sounds “like a real name,” so I pointed out several authors throughout history who’ve gone by initials, single words, nicknames, etc.

        And then I reminded him that, y’know, what ELSE is “industry standard”? CONTRACTS.

      • I like how he is the pen name police. Ben Franklin pushed under Silence Dogood, Martha Careful and Busy Body. This can only mean one thing. Nicky hates America.

  9. Thanks for the link, Mary. I’ve posted this there – no knowing how long it will linger:

    “Mr Pacione, may I post here the most recent of your incoherent uninvited emails?

    ‘Those rules I have are industry standard where it’s a given or sounds like a given name — you are not legit when you have authors who use the name “Stinky Cat,” Lewis Unknown,” or “G. Preacher,” and you encourage people to bastardize my titles. You dodge my question because you made a name for yourself freely practicing copyright infringement and you caught your husband fucking another man. You are really an amoral cunt who is rather useless; if you’re lackeys are going around pushing that piece of shit around. I am going to get my namesakes in their hometown library and make them look at my name every day. I am going to do something that will take a shit on Janrae Frank’s legacy where the only thing she’s going to be remembered for is encouraging the plagiarism of my catalog.
    When she got really hostile is where I caught S.E. Cox leaking a just completed novel — the way I do things is because I am a one man show and had to adapt. One of your contributor’s “Stinky Cat” is turning my name into her personal litter box well what I am doing is going to have that bitch spayed like the animal she is. Her claiming my books are influenced by faggot erotica books and children’s books are kind of unnerving because I wouldn’t even read these books and don’t site children’s literature unless it was Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark as Tabloid Purposes are these books for teenagers and adults — my blogs will make notes that will line up with why I picked certain stories when I did the namesake. If you stifle something like this — what kind of person are you if you’re a person at all?
    The encouraging people to bastardize my work — unauthorized rewrites of my catalog; that’s your fan fiction roots talking as you freely violate copyrights of their original creators. How do you answer to a response to this without going for the bottle — you want a scandal on you hands and I will get my projects in the library where you are.I am not going away anytime soon because I am not going to let some amoral rape-baby drag my name through the mud on a place where I had gained six breakouts on. So you think its’ funny to really fuck m over? I am not playing games when I play hardball — I am not going to stop until someone’s dead. Meaning I am going to be on you until the day you die and I am going to really destroy Janrae Frank’s legacy in this world because of the recent history she pulled is the end of someone’s career.
    So you want to stop me? I hope you have a gun because the only way you will stop me is pulling the trigger. You’re little “biographer” fucked herself over here as she hides behind a fake name to turn my home into her cat box — I really don’t appreciate when someone takes a shit on my coffee table.
    That “book” you did needed the negative review without reading it as I read samples of this when it was on It’s a piece of shit and that whore who flipped me off with the photo of this “book” gave me more a reason to really tear it to shreds — so that reaction what your “roster” did is every reason I tore this one to shreds. You haven’t either namesake or the memoir yet you stifle everything I’ve done — if you only knew what I went through to only get published you wouldn’t do it. So think about that when you’re on the street begging for food — I said this to C.W. Lesart too; if you were begging for food on the street. I would give that food to the dog before you get it. Ramsey Campbell’s involvement with your “book” I had lost all respect for him as a writer and as a human being — where he’s called my magazine a “fanzine” he did a great disrespect to a science fiction legend I greatly respect an author and a human being. I got the permission to publish this story and he agreed to $30.00 for the reprint. So you want to take a shit on tradition and an institution as my imprint, why don’t you burn my books you fucking Nazi as you look Aryan with your blonde hair and blue eyes.
    Ramsey Campbell wouldn’t have the heart to tell a publisher to give up as a writer if that one might be the one who ushers his oldest out there. You would say to my face to give up and your husband present — since I don’t hit a woman, I would just kick your husband’s ass in front of you. Because that’s more humiliating than just beating a man alone — beating him up in front of the woman he loves is more degrading and has a psychological effect on the couple. You’re talking to the one who challenged the leader of The Werewolf Order to a fight over the footage of his SJR appearance saying the disabled need to be eliminated — you’re equal to he is bitch.. I had read the preview of this one and the way your roster carried themselves when they e-mailed me and bragged about who they swiped my pen name for a character? So fuck off you amoral whore.’

    If I may just pick out one of the references to me, let me make this clear in public: I would not want any of my family or friends to go anywhere near you as a publisher. Such an association would do nobody’s literary career any good at all.”

    • He won’t hit a woman, so he’ll beat up an innocent male family member instead, because he has ethical standards. I’m sure that logic would work as a legal defense — in an alternate universe.

      Your comment seems to have already been deleted. His whole error-riddled piece of email keyboard diarrhea is begging to be blue penciled. He’s the only “writer” I’ve ever seen whose work regresses with practice.

    • He told my husband to keep me in check. The pretty much universal response from everyone who knows us is “yeah good luck with THAT”

      • His own family won’t pay any attention to him, so the Clown Prince of Duncenois thinks a complete stranger is going to take him seriously?

    • So using a pen name means you aren’t legit? I guess Nicky’s never heard of Mark Twain, and has forgotten that even his idol Stephen King has a pen name in the form of Richard Bachman!

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