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La Femme Nikita is still majorly ticked off at Lulu for killing his accounts because he violated their TOS multiple times.  His screed is here, in its full six page glory.

He spews his usual venom at, and bullshit about:  Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Kealan Burke, and Ray Garton.  For good measure, he wants Karen Koehler dead.

There’s not much point going into too much detail about his epic screed, but I will post a few quotes that tickled my funny bone, along with my usual snark about them.

Think about what I am saying – you disrespected my entire roster; some of them are left to their own devices because you made it where I can’t go and bail them out if they got in a situation where they get ganged up upon. So think about what I am saying because you kicked your most trusted author on the site without letting him speak his peace …

Aside from the fact that he’s pulling out his usual illogical nonsense about dissing everyone who ever contributed a story to one of his, um, books, “peace” is the furthest thing from his mind, and it’s obvious he still thinks of Lulu as his former publisher, instead of a printing service that offers a few extras.

When Jenna Tulls and the other plagiarist are saying that I was David “Iron Dave” Boyer that became more evident – the industry will want to kill me for exposing their golden boy. Brian Keene gave Jenna Tulls the pdfs of Legend Keeper as a .pdf file as he bragged about getting copies of Stygian Dealer and The Ward – when Brian Keene said I pleasured myself watching my now 19 year old sister bathe in the bathtub when she was a baby. Does Scares that Care wish to defend something like that?

I’m laughing myself silly.  Pretend for a moment that Mr. Keene did pass along a .pdf to Jenna.  Shouldn’t Nicky be asking himself how that .pdf escaped cultivation, so to speak?

You treated your most trusted author of nearly ten years like a common criminal – you gave me all my files back but I asked for my print readies but you didn’t comply to that. So think about that one and that cunt known as your Social Media Operations; you completely gave up your right to be anonymous when you threw me out — you are begging, “Why are you doing this Pacione?”

They’re not begging anything of Nickypoo.  They’re most likely thrilled to be rid of him.  Over the years, he’s published stories without the authors’ consent — more than once — and infringed upon people’s privacy (per the Lulu TOS) so many times that I’ve lost track.  In fact, he’s awfully damned lucky that Lulu eventually dug up his .pdfs and sent them to him; it was far more than they were obliged to do when terminating his accounts.

When you can’t trust – you almost can’t trust anyone; and what you called “Global Forgiveness Day” you took a ripe shit on that as you did when you wiped your ass on Old Glory when you said your offices were closed on The 4th of July.

Hey, an unripe shit might have been a better choice, but I can’t fault a company for closing on Independence Day, and I consider any American who has a problem with that to be unpatriotic.

Do you want to hate me

He’d love it if every employee in the company has a clue who he is, and has it in for him, because it fits his victim narrative. But, the bottom line is that maybe a handful of people (at best) who work for Lulu even recognize his name, and they don’t miss his mewling and threats by a long shot.

Karen H. Koehler with her so – called “lobbying” opened the door for me to be plagiarized with my story because she had my accounts pulled – so for me, losing all my accounts, are entirely on her head. I am not going to stop until one of us is dead when it comes to her and with you.

Does Mr. Nicky “Sleepsack Care Bear” Pacione intend to put “a hit” on Karen?  Personally, I think it would not go well for him if he did — especially if he used his SSDI money to pay off his hit man.

Although I can find plenty more in his screed about which to snark, I’m getting bored by now.

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  1. … their “most trusted author”. The mind boggles.

    I’m just surprised he forgot to mention that time he cured Lulu’s scrofula by letting them touch the hem of his robe!

    • Lovely.

      What is this thing he’s calling his “testimony”? Is it another libel salad like “The Fandom Writer”?

      • For all practical purposes, it is. He types whatever disjointed thoughts pop into his pea brain, however imaginary they are, and considers it akin to a court transcript. Because, never in the history of mankind has anyone ever been known to bear false witness, or lie under oath. It’s as if he thinks crossing his fingers while typing makes his lies the truth. It doesn’t, but it does explain his myriad “typos.”

  2. I have no idea who this guy is, but it’s appalling to see someone who considers himself an author showing so little familiarity with correct English grammar and punctuation (which, one would think, should be chief amongst the tools of his trade).

    • Any author whose work I consider worth a farthing has those two basics down pat, plus a whole bunch more that make me want to keep on reading, such as plot, characterization, ability to tell a tale, etc. I must be way too picky a reader, since I can’t read what the author meant, instead of what he or she typed.

    • I had no idea who he was either until Jan 2014. But learning about the swath he cut through the independent small press in the past decade has astonished me.

      In a nut shell: he goes Mr. Hyde on people who never knew him before but simply try to offer constructive tips. There is a sad exchange between Pacione and author/editor Ramsey Campbell where Pacione rejects suggestions he use Strunk & Whites classic manual on grammar and ends up grossly insulting Mr. Campbell who patiently tried to tell him what he was doing wrong.

      The problem is not that Pacione is just a bad writer but that for the past ten years he has presented himself as an editor and publisher to unsuspecting newbies. He delights in feuds real and imaginary and has been a toxic influence on the indie press.

  3. Think about what I am saying – you disrespected my entire roster; some of them are left to their own devices because you made it where I can’t go and bail them out if they got in a situation where they get ganged up upon.

    When has Nicky ever needed to “bail out” his so-called roster? On the contrary, he’s always begging them to fight his battles for him, not the other way around.

    • More lies. To my knowledge, none of his past roster have every been “ganged up” on. I actually admire a few of the authors he’s sucked into the filthy, illegitimate pit he calls his publishing company. The rest I just feel pity for.

      • I think Pacione got submissions because there are writers who submit to publishers without doing a lot of research, simply because his press was listed as a writers market.

        Trent Zelazny (“Mourning Road”, “An Angle for the Angels”), C.I. Kemp (“Depths”), Ken Goldman (“Kissing Off Amber”) and others have survived being published by Pacione.

        I checked his fund me appeals for his electric bill and the classmate’s project: no donations in 6 months. He has alienated everyone, including “the roster”..

        • I doubt he’s gotten any submissions within the past 18 months. More people than you cited survived being “published” by the Nickster, and his later abuse. I’d guess half of them are friendly toward me, and the rest don’t know of my existence, which is fine with me.

        • Ken Goldman’s a good guy; I’m glad to have another of his stories for the next Fossil Lake! (despite Nicky’s bleating that it “doesn’t count”)

          — C.

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