Chris-Chan Makes Twitchy Again

Not the boi himself, really, but his picture was used to accompany an article on its home page today.  Every time I see that picture, it makes me squick.

So, does anyone know what Chris has been up to lately?  I haven’t checked out Kiwi Farms in ages.

3 thoughts on “Chris-Chan Makes Twitchy Again

  1. Mostly raging against Donald Trump and demanding he “advocate” the office and let Hillary Clinton assume the Presidency. He also tried donating blood this week, and was turned away. He thinks it’s because he has a “lesbian soul”, but common sense dictates that he showed up smelling like garbage, and the volunteer nurses decided they didn’t have to deal with him.

    Same old same, really. He still plays with toys and periodically begs for money online.

  2. …and Kiwi Farms went bye-bye over the weekend.

    So, unless Chris does or says something monumentally stupid, a lot of people aren’t going to know how his story plays out anymore.

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