Ouchy Ouch Ouch

Ben (our wannabe sled dog) dragged me over yesterday, onto the steps up to the sun porch sliders.  I landed on my shin, elbow, and fingers.  Don’t ask.  That’s the last time I ever take him out for a walk wearing sandals.

Sure, I quickly got an ice pack out of the freezer for my shin, but didn’t think about the rest of it at the time.  OMG.  My fingers and elbow are so swollen that they don’t really work properly.  I hope this only lasts for another day or two.

We have a realtor preparing the paperwork for an initial offer on our old place.  Assuming a little bit of bargaining back and forth, I’m going to have to sign the final contract.  It’d be nice if I could actually sign my name without having to grab the pen like a crayon.

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