Busy, Busy, Busy … Wahoo!

No, not the wahoo fish.  I still haven’t gotten that hung over the annex sliders, because I need to drag one of our 6′ ladders inside from the barn to do it.  It’s not a high priority, but I do want it hung.  Dad caught it decades ago, and had a taxidermist work his magic on it.  I wanted it from day one, but mom decided it would look better in my brother’s bedroom, even though it gave him nightmares.  I finally got it, and decades later, still love it.

Selling the old house is proving to be more of a PITA than I expected, with all the piddly little shit the buyers want fixed, right down to replacing a flapper on a toilet, which has to be done by a licensed plumber, even though any homeowner could do it for $4 themselves.  All this shit has to be accompanied by receipts from licensed contractors.  I might yet regret this sale for what I let the place go for.  Mostly I want it off my hands, but I am standing my ground on other crap they’re coming back with later, after the “fix this” type legal docs were agreed to by both parties.  After that, buyers, you’re SOL.  You don’t get a redo.

On a completely different subject, my katana, wakizashi, and tanto sword set arrived.  The blades are well oiled, the handles are tight, and the sheaths are remarkably solid.  I have a lot of Japanese items, from decades old netsukes, to Geisha dolls, to wall hangings.  The sword set really doesn’t look out of place with the rest of my (eclectic) decor.  I don’t like the table stand that the set came with; I’ll have to find a nice one for a wall mount.  I wasn’t expecting the katana to be quite as heavy as it it, but it is well balanced.  Not that I’m ever going to use it.  *shrug*

Again, on another subject, the BoDeans concert was really good.  That was the third time we saw them live.  Each time, it’s a differnet concert, but they never disappoint.

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