Bye, Twitchy

It was nice knowing you for years while Michelle Malkin owned you, and then for another few years after she sold you.  Your snark was grade A, but your site is now unusable.  I mean that from a technological standpoint.  It ran smoothly with AB+ enabled, but will no longer run if I use an ad blocker.  If  I enable ads for you site, it hogs my processor and slows my browser to a crawl.  Same deal with any other browser.  It ain’t my computer, which is pretty darn fast, otherwise.  It’s your site that is making this happen.  No other site I visit does this.  I’ll miss you.   Bon voyage, et bon chance.

On a different topic, I’m approaching closing on my old house.  Of course, the inspector the buyers hired found some piddly shit I need to repair, if for no other reason to justify the giant fee.  I held my ground against installing any new equipment for them that wasn’t pre-existing, but agreed to repair what was already there, that needed it.  The licensed plumber I had to hire to fix a leaky joint in a hot water pipe in the basement (which was legitimate), and a few other minor things, laughed when I said that if I had to change a toilet flapper to fix a persistent trickle into the bowl from the tank, the buyers would insist I hire a licensed plumber to do it, and produce a paid receipt, because it’s in the contract.  He knows all about that shit.  *headdesk*  *grr*

Upshot:  I refused to sign any legal document my realtor told me to sign, until she got it right, without a bunch of errors.

My realtor is nice, but she’s dumb as a box of rocks, and she’s so intent that the deal go through, that she forgets she’s working for me, not the buyers.  I shouldn’t have to remind her of that.  Dumb bunny.  The only reason I hired her to sell my old place is because I used her to buy this place, and she gave me the 5% commission deal on the sale, instead of the usual 6%.

If there is a god, please let this be over soon!  A horror writer could probably turn this into a short story, with a little imagination.  Not Nicky, though.


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