Most frogs stay down by the pond where they belong.  This evening, I found two of them in my pool.  The water was clear, and the pH and chlorine levels tested fine.  Don’t know if they will survive, but I fished them out with the net, and dumped them over the fence onto the lawn, roughly 50 yards from the pond.  If I’m going to swim with frogs, water snakes, turtles, or any other water loving critter, it sure as hell won’t be in my own swimming pool;  I’ll do that in a glacial lake, or a bay, or the ocean, but otherwise, no.

Those two were very small.  They were happily doing a breaststroke when I found them.  After I netted them, they pulled in their limbs to only be about 1.25″ long.  That’s a whole lot better than a bullfrog that will piss all over you, when you grab it.  They were a nondescript brown, and didn’t make any noise that would have helped ID their species.  Frogs don’t really bother me per se, but I don’t want them in my pool.

If I find a dead, floating, bloated squirrel in there, I’ll either toss my cookies, or dry heave, depending on whether there’s anything in my stomach.  It’s a completely visceral reaction.  It goes way beyond “Calgon, take me away!”  The raccoons will take care of the carcass, but I’d have to dispose of it in the woods, first.  *GAG*

On a different subject, I got a new 20″ electric hedge trimmer.  I needed one.  I had it up to my eyeballs with getting blisters on my hands, right through gardening gloves, using the manual “clip, clip, clip” hedge trimmers.  A 14″ model was only $5 cheaper, and only weighed 18 ounces less.  It was no contest for value and lightweight ability to swing it around without being dangerous.  God, do I love power tools.  The same outdoor extension cord I use for the leafblower is long enough.

The niftiest thing?  My husband bought that hedge trimmer for me, on Father’s Day.  It was like Christmas in June!  I bought this week’s groceries, and a case of Yueng for him, so … fair deal.  Our neighbor dropped off another 18 free range eggs for us this morning, so it’s obvious he’s not holding the dog incident against us.  *PHEW*

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