Box Blade and Baby Gate

Ever since I bought that used Kubota tractor with less than 300 hours on it, my other half has decided it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Originally, it came with a 48″ mower deck, and landscape tires.  I paid extra for a new snowblower for the three point hitch, and a set of wheels/tires that have really deep tread, instead of just landscape tread.  That was my contribution to the cause.

Since then, my other half has paid for a new front end loader, which has already been put to good use for more than ballast, loading and moving dirt and sheep shit, a new “potato harvester” that digs nice furrows, and two other used attachments for the hitch.  Yesterday, he found a used box blade in really good condition.  The guy selling it bought it at a barn sale, with the objective of reselling it.  He originally wanted $400 for it, but came down to $300, when he admitted that it’s missing one blade (which has no effect on its usability).  It had obviously been stored outside for years, but not used very much.  We’ll see if we can pick it up late Wednesday afternoon or early evening.  The seller is a good two hour drive from here.  He’s got the wherewithal to load it onto whichever trailer we decide to use.

We need the box blade to regrade the unpaved portion of our driveway that leads off the main drivway down to the barn.  It’s getting a bit washboard-y, which is not unusual for stone over dirt roads and driveways.

FWIW, not everyone who lists something on Craigslist is a jackass.  That’s how we got our big trailer, the bush hog, a second Kubota tractor that can easily pull a fully loaded hay wagon, and the pool table.  If nothing else, these private sales don’t have state sales tax added to the agreed upon price, and it’s not my problem if the seller doesn’t fork it over to the state after the cash deal is done.

On a completely different subject, some woman who lives in my old neighborhood a couple of miles away wants our baby gate.  We used to have two of them to keep our dog away from the cats until he learned to ignore them.  She was looking for one now that her 18 month old goes everywhere and gets into everything.  My other half gave one away months ago to someone who worked in the same building he does, so we only had one left.  Told her she could have it for free, since we no longer have a use for it, but she’d have to come pick it up.  It really is a baby gate, not a dog gate.

She knows we no longer have the mounting hardware for it, but it will hand crank to wedge in pretty tightly anywhere from 24″ to very close to 4′ wide.  It’ll fit anything from a stairwell to French doors.  She and her family are on vacation this week, and can’t come pick it up until next week, but she is thrilled to have it.  If it doesn’t do the trick for her, she can toss it, or give it away to someone else.  I simply hate getting rid of items that are in perfectly good shape, for which we no longer have a use, which is why I haven’t already thrown it out.  There’s no point to even asking a token $5 for it.  Take it; it’s yours.  Just come pick it up.

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