Strawbs Tix

Suh-weet.  I just snagged tickets to see Strawbs at one of my two favorite venues, and got our two favorite seats!  They’re contemporary with Moody Blues and Wishbone Ash, and sound like a weird mix of both, plus a few others from that era, including some country and Irish things, with their own sound.  The tickets were a really reasonable price, or I wouldn’t have bought them.

Some people spend spare bucks on going to movie theaters.  We prefer to spend them on live music concerts.  Funniest thing is that this venue originated as a movie theater back in the 19th century.  It’s almost as old as my house.

2 thoughts on “Strawbs Tix

  1. Hope you enjoy, or did if the date has already passed. I love their stuff with Sandy Denny best, of course, but she’s one of the many of that generation who died way too young.

    • It’s an upcoming concert. I didn’t even know they were still around and touring until I got the email from the venue listing upcoming shows. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.

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