Coyote Kill

I don’t care whether you pronounce it Cuy-o-tee or Cuy-ote.  Same critter.  We have them around here.  Seems one took out a fawn last night, and a flock of black vultures were all over the carcass.  It was down in what we call “the bottom.”  A fox couldn’t take out a fawn, but a coyote could.

Some people would be all freaked about it.  Nature happens.  I’m more interested in why we have a flock of black vultures, instead of the usual turkey vultures.  Between eating sprees, they roost on our annex roof.  They’ll be gone when the carcass is down to bare bones.

On another topic, I’m so thrilled to see and hear so many blue herons sticking around by our pond.  They do a good job of keeping the fish and frog population down.  We get a few great white egrets, too, but it’s the herons that do the real work.  And, they don’t poop all over the roof.

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