Best Neighbor

Apparently, while the solar eclipse was working its way over my part of the country, I was busy fobbing off a whole bunch of freshly picked produce from our kitchen garden on my neighbor.  Here, it never got any darker than ordinary afternoon cloud cover.  Much to my relief, when I handed him the basket over his pool fence, he picked out half of it, put it in a bucket, and handed me back my basket.

Apparently, their garden is a bust this year.  His basil started off well, then turned yellow and died.  The groundhogs are getting his tomatoes and eggplant.  Our herb garden is separate from our kitchen garden, but the basil is going ballistic.  Told him to come on over any time he wants to grab some, and told him exactly where our herb garden is.  He can have all the rosemary, thyme, and oregano he wants, too.  We can’t use it all.  Doubt he’ll take me up on it, but I wouldn’t have offered if I minded him raiding the entire herb garden.

We’ll give him some tomatoes, later, because the groundhogs got his crop.  They got some of ours, too, but we have enough to share with the critters, and our neighbors.  The crop’s a couple of weeks late.

FWIW, this is the same neighbor who brought us a load of sheep shit, for free, drops off free range eggs every so often, also for free, and all he asks is that we chicken sit for him while they’re gone for a week, because his SIL is terrified of the chickens.  I’m pretty sure the reason our crops are doing so well this year is because of the sheep shit.  Fantastic neighbor!

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  1. it was cloudy/stormy all day here so it was hard to tell when it got darker if it was because of the eclipse or just heavier clouds moving in.

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