Baby Got Back

The loaner car my dealer let me have for a week was super sweet.  It was a 2017 S90 T6 AWD.  Nice.  Very nice, but it’s bigger than I’m used to driving, and I was never quite sure how far to pull into a parking space.  Its turning radius was pretty good for a car that had that long a wheelbase, but still …

I test drove one of those before deciding on a zippier S60 T6.  The S90 I got stuck with for a week while my car was in the dealer’s service department to fix an oil leak that never should have happened on a new car was fine, but I’m glad I didn’t buy one.  Kudos to my dealer for giving me a loaner at no cost, without my having to ask for one.

Oh, man, am I so happy to have my car back!  So, I turned in the big ass one for my own that doesn’t have so much back.  I got my midsized baby back.  How many people actually love the car they drive?  I do, and my mom does, or she wouldn’t insist that we drive it to visit her, and ferry around in it to take her out shopping.  She has her own car, and a license to drive it, but she’s afraid to go anywhere farther than half a mile from her place.  Frankly, she should be afraid to drive.  The last time I was a passenger in her car, with her driving, she was going to pull out right in front of a motorcyclist until I yelled “STOP!”  That was two years ago.

So, yeah, I’m thrilled to have Helga back.  Yippee skippee!

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