More Tractor Supply Goodness

I LOVE this place.  As its name implies, it does have tractor parts, which we occasionally need, but it also sells other related things, like feed, fencing, saplings, and … some clothing.

For several years, I’ve wanted to find a good pair of overalls that will stand up to rain, dirt, snow, etc.  TSC had a fantastic pair of winter ones in my size.  Good price, too, for quilted lining duck cloth ones.  The inseam is a couple of inches short on me, barefoot, but it won’t matter over a pair of pac or hunting boots.  And, yeah, they’ll fit fine over a couple of layers of normal winter clothing.

It’s not the best time of year to plant fruit trees, but we finally found the ones we wanted last Spring:  Kieffer pear (has to be cooked), Bartlett pear (edible raw), and Honeycrisp apple.  TSC ran out of Honeycrisp whips last Spring, but the one we got today is at least twice the size, and well branched, so I’d call it a good sized sapling.  In fact, all three of the fruit trees we got are good sized saplings.

And, yeah, we picked up a couple of tractor parts while we were at it.

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