No, that’s not a euphemism for Jesus.  When I bought this farm, we knew damned well there was going to be a problem with Canada Geese down by the pond, and in the adjacent low lying field.  After checking out the prices of solar amber strobe lights to screw down into the dock, I decided it’d be cheaper to get a couple of coyote decoys.

We have not seen a Canada Goose land in our yard since May.  Over the summer while they’re molting, they can’t fly, so that wasn’t much of a test.  But, they should have been all over the place a month ago, like they were last year.  Nope.  Not a one.  Oh, they fly over in large flocks, but they do not land here anymore.

Our neighbor said the geese used to be all over the place before we bought it, and was wondering what the difference was.  Told him about the coyote decoys.  He asked whether they worked.   Apparently, they do.  It’s really nice to be able to walk around the pond without having to dodge the icky sticky green and gray goose poo.  And, it’s better than having my dog nearly dislocate my shoulder, running after them.

I only have anecdotal evidence, but that $50 I spent on decoys really does seem to be doing the trick.

AFAIK, Tricky Nicky is only spewing his own special brand of hate at gays, and people with whose religion he doesn’t agree.  *yawn*

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