We Voted

There were a few state Supreme Court judges up for reelection, but mostly this was a county/local election.  There was also one state-wide referendum about allowing local townships to exempt 100% of the property assessment instead of the current 50%.  If it passes, I’d be surprised if it lowers my property taxes more than ~ $200, but every little bit helps.

We had no trouble finding the municpal building in which we were supposed to vote, but, initally we were directed to the ground level polling station.  Whoops — wrong one.  Our district votes in the basement, around the other end of the building.  Whatever.  We found it, and our names were in the books.  We did have to produce photo ID.  YEA!  That’s a good thing!

OMG, the spread those women laid out wasn’t just leftover Halloween candy in a bowl like our previous polling place had, but was all manner of home baked muffins, brownies. cookies, etc., along with some store bought pretzels, on a jam packed 8′ long folding table.  I snagged a mini blueberry muffin on my way out, which was terrific.  Also on my way out, one of the women handed me a grape Blow Pop, along with an “I voted” sticker.  I put the sticker right above the Spam logo on my fleece vest (from the Spam Museum in Austin, MN).  The woman asked “Spam, the meat”?  Yup.  She grew up eating it like my parents did.  I think it’s yucky, but mostly because I like my pork smoked for hours, and pulled, with BBQ sauce, or ground, with the right herb/spice mix to make it into classic b’fast sausage.  Smoked ribs rock my socks, too.  The only thing that was missing from that spread was bacon.  Wow.  I love this polling station!

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  1. These old biddies are even better than the ones at my old polling place. I aspire to be that nice when I hit their age. I can bake up a storm, but can I be that nice and gracious? Dunno.

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