Strange Christmas

Each year, it’s a challenge to get each other anything either of us wants.  The good old days were when I got a reversible, variable speed power drill, with a set of screwdriver bits, or another year, when I got electric hedge trimmers.  Hubby got socks, when he asked for them, and stuff like flannel shirts, a barn jacket, etc.  That’s not working, anymore.

This rodeo, it was all “What do you want, or what do you need?”

This year, hubby got a nice multi-fuel space heater for the barn, because he wanted one.  He helped me pick it out. Some surprise, right?  At least, it can’t go wrong.   There are a couple of other presents, about which he knows nothing.

When asked what I want for Christmas, other than the Marshall Crenshaw/Bottle Rockets tickets he bought, with my approval, I couldn’t think of anything immediately.  I did ask him to go blow the $100 gift card we got from our old realtor more than a year ago for a local fancy restaurant –’cause we can’t use it anywhere else.  It won’t cost us anything, unless we top the $ limit on the gift card.  Of course, we will tip well, and that’s out-of-pocket.  So be it.

Mostly, I want a .22 rifle.  It’s a weenie thing that any kid could shoot.  The paperwork is easy enough to fill out, and I’m sure I’ll pass the background check.  I’ve already asked, and yes, we will go looking for one.  There are lots of gun shops within a 20 mile radius of here.  *fingers crossed*

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