Merry Christmas!

It’s late enough in the day that I can report it was a good one.  Everyone, humans and critters alike, really liked their presents.  The dog and cats, especially, are so easy to please.  My other half loved his, which are basically replacements for old favorites that have seen better days, and should be consigned to barn duty.

Mom was thrilled with her watch.  She was always complaining about the batteries in hers dying, or how hard they were to get on and off her wrist, now that her fingers don’t work so well.  So, I found her a solar model, in a tank watch sort of style, with Roman numerals, a metal band to match that unclasps with a pinch, clasps with a press, and has a fairly large, easy to read face.  She’ll have to have some links removed.  Anyway, she’s eager to go have that done.

As usual, we catered dinner for my mother.  For hors d’oeuvres, it was curried eggs, and babaganoush with mini stoned wheat thin crackers.  Not Christmas-y, but it’s stuff we all like, and it kept us occupied while the rest of the meal that needed reheating did so.  The main course was the usual turkey, with all the fixin’s.  Dessert was a sampler of spritz cookies, peppermint bark, and a slice of pumpkin-spice bundt cake.  We grew the pumpkin that went into that cake.  We left mom with all the turkey we brought over that we didn’t eat, which we always do.  She surprised me by wanting some leftover cake, peppermint bark, cookies, and even some babaganoush.  Maybe it’s because I used Ghirardelli white chocolate chips for the candy instead of crappy old Nestlé.  She passed on the leftover stuffing and cran-apple sauce, which is normal.

Holiday feasts don’t faze me at all.  So much of it can be done a day or two ahead.  I did more cooking on Christmas Eve Day than I did on Christmas Day.  Started mid-morning, and didn’t finish until late afternoon, by which time I realized I hadn’t eaten a thing all day, and was just a bit peckish.  My other half had worked all day on plumbing, and out in the barn, so we went out for Sunday “taco night” at our local bar and grill.  After all that, those tacos were da bomb!  Normally, I couldn’t eat all three tacos, but I was ravenous.  There were no leftovers to box up to bring home.

I hope everyone had as good a Christmas as we did.

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  1. I have loved folllowing your relocation. All in all, my Christmas and and New Years has been good; cudda bin better; cudda bin worse; in the end, all in all, for the better.

    I am happy for yours and yours, as I am for me and mine. Happy New Years to all!

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