Post Holidays

I like this time of year.  Today, it finally warmed up above freezing, so our winter wonderland is melting.  Yeah, I had to dig out my car, but it was so nice to be able to go outside with nothing more than a vest over my flannel shirt, and an Akubura hat to shade my eyes!  As Gomer Pyle USMC would say, “Shazam!”

The other thing I like about this time of year is that everywhere has post holiday sales.  I’ve been a little short of Christmas decorations since the basement of two houses ago flooded when the water heater went.  Never did replace the items that had to be thrown out, but over the past 20 years, mom has given me a bunch of her old ornaments, little by little, which helped fill in for what I had to toss.  “Here’s a box of ornaments I found.  Would you like them?”  Um, yes please.

So, post-holiday, with the super-sales, I’ve been able to stock up on LED lighting, and other seasonal decorations for next to nothing.  Oddly enough, home brew items are also available for a hefty discount.  Brewer’s yeast is different from baker’s yeast, but it’s super inexpensive this time of year.  You can use it for beer or wine.  Whatever I brew will fit in my corny, which fits fine in my kegerator.  What’s the point of having a full wet bar in your rec room basement if the taps are for show only?  Sure, the kegerator can be used as a refrigerator, but that’s not its raison d’être.

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