G’mornin’ India

All I was trying to do was swap out an old analog STB for an an ancient CRT TV for an HD one for a new TV, and send back the old black box.  I finally got connected with a woman in India.  No problem understanding her accent, but it was like pulling teeth to get what I wanted.  In the end, she knocked
$10 off the shipping charges for the new silver one.  There was no fucking way I was going to drive into Philly pick it up in person.  It’s Philly.  You don’t do that.  Not by yourself, anyway.  The closest I will go to Philly is Harbor Freight, which has some really nifty stuff.

The upshot is that I will get an HD STB, but it’s up to me to mail back my old box to Verizon, at my cost.
I got snippy with the woman about that, then apologized to her.  She was following her script, but she did knock $10 off the shipping cost.

So, I went through all that to do what I initially tried to do online.

I never thought getting a new TV, and retiring one of the old ones would be so difficult.  Holy guacamole, Batman!


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