Tractor Pull Contests

These never get old.  I love watching them.  Here’s one.

I was rather impressed with a couple of the Johnny Poppers, one of the Aliss-Chalmers, and a few Farmalls.  What I was not impressed with was how many of the contestants got their front wheels off the ground, and lost traction because of it.  The guy driving the orange Moline, and a few contestants later, the Farmall driver both got it done.  Some of these drivers just want to gear up too fast; the objective is to pull the load over the finish line in the best time.  Gearing up too soon just makes you lose traction, and time.

Our ancient ’60s Case might be able to do that, but there’s no way our smaller Kubotas could.

One thing I love so much about watching these tractor pulls is that I’ve gotten very good at identifying the make at a glance, and can probably ID the model year to within five.

A guy up the road about four miles from us has what we call a “tractor graveyard” on his farm.  Most of those could be rehabbed, but Freddy, who owns them, is pushing 90, so he can’t do it himself.  Freddy still flies his Piper, though, and keeps it in great condition in his Quonset hut.

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