Power Outage Is Over

This time around, it was out for the better part of three days.  We could cook indoors because the stove uses propane, but had to use matches to light the burners.  If I’d had any idea the electricity would be out for more than a few hours, I would have filled a bathtub with water before the storm hit.  Oh, well.  Again, we had heavy, wet snow, so we could shovel it into large home brewer’s/vintner’s buckets to melt, filter, and boil.  No electricity means no water pump, which means no water pressure.  Therefore, we had no heat, other than what we could generate in our wood burning stove.  Our solar charged camping lanterns, and battery operated tac-lights came in handy, as did my old-fashioned battery operated transistor radio.

If the electricity had been out for one more night, I would have trekked down to the pond with buckets to get non-potable water to gravity flush the toilets, which were getting rather disgusting.  It felt so good to finally be able to take a shower.

After three nights of cooking whatever needed to be used because it was thawing, or threatening to go bad, we decided to go out to our local pub for its Monday Night comfort food special.  Chicken pot pie was a nice change from pan fried pork chops and shrimp tacos.  I’m sure they stuck it in a salamander to cook the crust, and the ratio of sauce to chicken/veggies was higher than my version, but it tasted so good.  I was getting a little sick of only eating whatever could be fixed on a stove top, or served raw.

I feel a little sorry for the people who bought our old house.  Everything there is electric, so they would have had no water pressure, no heat other than from the fireplace, and no way to cook indoors.  We made do there a few years ago with my old dual fuel Coleman camping stove out on the front porch, using gasoline we raided from a jug normally used for the lawnmowers.  That outage lasted four days.  It was colder then, and we had at least a foot of snow, so stashing food in coolers, and burying them in the snow to keep it from going bad was easier.  This time around, the snow only amounted to three inches, and melted the next day.  Oh, well.  I’m sure the husband in that family is ingenious enough to find work-arounds.

We’re supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow.  At least this time, we’ve gotten in a few gallons of potable water, and I will fill one of the bathtubs.  Hopefully, there won’t be too many downed trees and power lines this time.  I’d rather not have to melt, filter, and boil snow to have potable water, if I can avoid it.

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