Oktoberfest Is Almost Here, and Crossbow Time

Of course I wouldn’t want to skip over spring and summer, but when your Oktoberfest home brew is on its way, it’s almost Oktoberfest.  Generally, I prefer lagers to IPAs, and if it’s going to lean either to the hop side, or the malt side, I prefer the malty side.  I’m fine with anything as malty as a porter, but stout is too much for me.  A märzenbier is just perfect, imo.  Plus, it only takes about three to four weeks from start to finish, instead of twice that long.

My new crossbow arrived today.  Stringing it was quite an adventure, but once I got that done, and adjusted the sight, everything was okay.  For its size and draw weight, it’s remarkably accurate.  That, or a .22, could pick off a rabbit or groundhog in my veggie garden with ease.  With this, though, I get my “ammo” (bolts) back.  An intruder who somehow managed to not set off the alarm might think it’s a toy; it’s not.  I have other things around here that could be used as weapons, but this one doesn’t necessarily require close combat to use.

The other thing that arrived today is my long awaited not-so-cute kitty keychain.  It’d never make it through TSA screening, and I’m told it is illegal in some states, but I’d have to get pulled over by highway patrol in, oh, say, IL, and have my pocketbook searched before anyone could confiscate it. It’s not going to kill anyone, but it does hurt when you even lightly hit the palm of your hand with it.  Hello kitty!

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