I Love UPS

I ordered a dozen 9w LED dimmable lightbulbs, that are the equivalent of 60w incandescents.  Very few prewired lights in, and outside of this house aren’t wired to a rheostat.  Hopefully, the price of the dimmable ones comes down over time.  The lowest price I could find for these was almost $5/bulb, whereas non-dimmable ones are under a buck apiece.  So, why do I love UPS?

The delivery driver showed up, with classic rock cranking really loudly, and a heckuva great attitude toward his job.  He saw me out in the yard.  I waved “hi” to him, and he returned the favor by handing me my package in person, rather than tossing it on the cement outside a front or side door.  “Thanks.  Have a nice day!” said I.  His reply was ” Thanks.  You too.”

Aside from that, I was in awe at the skill with which he manouvered his truck to turn around, and zoom his way back up our long, winding driveway.  I don’t drive my own car that fast on our driveway, even though its turning radius is pretty darn good for a midsize sedan.  Perhaps he was not concerned about driving over sticks and twigs, getting them stuck in his undercarriage.

The other thing I’m happy with is joining Ebates.  I researched them a lot before signing up.  I wouldn’t have bothered if the stores/websites with which they have partner agreements weren’t ones at which I normally shopped.  Ebates adds another anywhere from 1% to 5% to whatever you get from your own credit card company.  FWIW, their checks clear.  It’s not that I’m desperate for an extra $12, or even $5 (which is the lowest rebate amount for which they cut you a check).  It’s just that I’m a tightwad, who will take a rebate check, given the alternative of not receiving one — or some lousy 1% bank interest rate.  Mom asks me to buy her things that are cheapest at WalMart, and I do buy a fair amount of things from eBay vendors, so it works out well for me.  *shrug*

If you want discounts on hotel/motel rooms, or rental cars, AARP is a better bet.  People don’t join AARP for their D.C. lobbying, or even what morphed into AARP Magazine from the former Modern Maturity; they join for the discounts.  Even 10% off on a hotel room adds up pretty quickly.  AARP has lousy coordination between their snail mai list and their online list of members, but it is what it is.  I’ll take those hotel discounts any day.

My NRA membership won’t get me any discounts that matter to me, but that’s not why I joined.  Nobody joins the NRA for partnership discounts.  They join because defending 2A, and themselves, is important.

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