John’s Crazy Socks

The man who owns this sock company has Down Syndrome.  His father helped him set up the website that sells his very cool, funky, and fun socks:

Frank is short for his middle name, and he recently gave a passionate speech at a UN meeting about why people like him don’t need to be “exterminated.”  Watch it here:

If you’ve ever been around people with Down Syndrome, about the only thing you could possibly fault them for is being a little too trusting of others.  I’ll take this young man over Camera Hogg any day.  FWIW, if you are in the market for some new socks, check out his website.  The prices, even if your order isn’t big enough to avoid shipping, are reasonable.  So’s the shipping, for the least expensive option.

I don’t ordinarily pimp out any business.  Heck, I don’t even like wearing socks, unless they’re necessary to avoid blisters, while wearing hunting, pac, or cowboy boots.  But this young man has a fantastic selection of funky socks that will make you smile.  I ordered two pairs.

On a completely different note, the logo field bag that came with my NRA membership arrived today.  Day-um.  It could fit a week’s worth of clothes, give or take a day, plus electronics and rechargers.  Depending upon where I check in for a night (or three), I might want to turn the logo side toward my hip, but I’m pretty sure most check-in clerks where I tend to stay don’t give a rat’s ass.  So, yes, I am an NRA member, and I fully support 2A, as written.  FWIW, the quality and ruggedness of this NRA bag is impressive.

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