Wayfair Order

I’ve gotten some awfully nice things from Wayfair.  This time around, they sort of bunged up the order.  I ordered one plain grapevine wreath.  That way, I can decorate it seasonally, as I want.  I received two of them, in a different design than I ordered.  The design I received was only a buck less per wreath than the one I ordered.  I looked at it, and decided I’d pefer the other design.  Guess I shouldn’t complain, getting two for $12.99, instead of one.  I have a use for both of them.  They’re fine; they will simply require more twisty ties to secure whatever decorations onto them.  Even if I hang them, naked, they’ll look okay.

Now, I’m off to an orchid show to blow money on plants.  At least this year, it’s not being held at Drexel.  It’s in suburbia, which is fine.

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