SEPOS Orchid Haul

This year, I exercised restraint, and only bought three orchids:  two from Andy Phillips of Andy’s Orchids, and one from Ecuagenera.  I prefer species.  The floofy hybrids don’t rock my socks.  I have been buying orchids from both vendors for at least a couple of decades.  Neither one has ever sold me a bum plant.

I had to buy the Scaphosepalum ursinum, well, because of the its name, and it’s a Scaph, so it’s semi-idiotproof, as long as I keep it soggy, and not let it get too much direct sun.  It was a nice beefy plant, which still has a couple of blooms on it; that’s normal, because Scaphs bloom sequentially.

We were supposed to pay a $10/head entrance fee, but nobody was there to charge us for it.  So, we kept going.  Whatever.

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